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Dr. Lam Akol SPLM-DC candidate reveals early defeat in Sudan April elections By Magdelina John
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Mar 23, 2010 - 8:01:10 AM

Dr. Lam Akol SPLM-DC candidate reveals early defeat in Sudan April elections


By Magdelina John


March 19, 2010 Khartoum - Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin , the SPLM-DC presidential challenger against the incumbent president of the Government of Southern Sudan and the SPLM candidate admitted an early defeat in the upcoming April elections signaled by multiple signs of the fact that, the newest political party SPLM-DC is unpopular in the Southern Sudan states and to the people.


“Dr. Lam Akol a former minister of foreign Affairs, of the  GONU formed the SPLM-DC in 2007 after he   broke away from the main SPLM when heated debates nurtured, whether he was working for the SPLM or NCP in the ministry of foreign Affairs in Khartoum coupled   with the relationship that cropped up between Akol and NCP which provoked SPLM whose the ticket was being used for the interest of the NCP resulting to his dismissal from ministerial post”


This comes in the wake of his campaigns in the Southern Sudan states where the population were anxious of what could be the mission of the man whose historical background has been tainted by numerous defections during the Southern struggle against the Nation Islamic Front (NIF) in Khartoum and subsequently, Lam continues with his nature of defection after the peace was signed.


Among the wider civil population in Southern Sudan, many wonder whether, Akol is realistic with his strategies of united Sudan as he claimed that Southern independence would mean suicide.


In a meeting held by members of the SPLM DC in Khartoum, Dr. Akol urged his colleagues and party leaders to work hard in order to obtain parliamentary seats since the ground is not favorable for the party to win the seat of President of Southern Sudan. He also informed them that their strategy is to allure in all the independent candidates. However’ some of those whom we have signed secret protocols of cooperation with have now denounced us publicly as engineered by Independent candidates in Northern Bahr El Ghazal State.


I am confident that, those independents in the state of Central Equatoria, Unity, Upper Nile, Jonglei, and Western Equatoria are still with us and God knows.  My office and the Secretary General Eng. Charles Kisanga have established contacts with some of the independents like Comrade Richard K. Mullah, Adel Sandari, Angelina Teny, Gen. George Athor and to mention but few and our possible alliance with them has taken route and shall create a winning ground for our members in states. Let’s underline those who violated our agreement but continue to pursue others to join us.


Dr. Akol reiterated that, he was devastated by the fact that, the SPLM-DC has not early established itself in the states which is now hindering their campaigns efforts and which should have been a determining factor of winning the upcoming elections.


Dr. Akol mentioned some of other important factors or challenges hindering the SPLM-DC campaigns and mobilization throughout Southern Sudan as follows:


1-    The arrest of our campaign managers in various states has a major effect and a setback to our activities,

2-    Our usual financers are not doing the best to meet their pledges as early agreed to enable our work in the states;

3-    The decline of wider membership since the launched of our campaign and continues poaching of our members by SPLM has created vacuum within the party in all the states.

4-    Our campaign materials that were distributed have not yet surfaced to help in mobilizing the civil population visually,


With all these hurdles and stumbling blocks, I believed that, we should immediately reactivate our plan B and try to make it possible to have some of our members win in their constituencies as well as forging ways to alliance with the SPLM to get seats in the next government of Southern Sudan. I assure you that if this strategy works, it will enable us exert our efforts inside the government and effect changes that we want. We fought our enemy while outside and that is why it took us so many decades.


It is also because, we forged ally with NCP which is not surfacing on ground in Southern Sudan to give us necessary supports we want and at some point we need to be realistic on what we want to do and not what they want us to do. I am afraid of our friends in NCP who seemed to be taking some steps back from the little supports they had pledged as far our secret agreement of helping each other which mandated me as official NCP contender through the SPLM-DC against Salva Kiir- SPLM candidate for the president of Southern Sudan.


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