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Dose general Scott Gration Understand get lost? by Hatim Elmedani*
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Mar 29, 2010 - 10:21:23 AM

Dose general Scott Gration Understand get lost?

On a news conference the former legitimate prime minister and the Umma Party candidate for the presidency Al-Sadiq al-Mahdi stop short of labeling the US envoy to Sudan general Scott Gration a "spin doctor for the regime of Bashir", when he condemns what he attributed as the US intention in Sudan,this due to numerous Suspicious statement been made by the US envoy to Sudan Gration, botching Sudanese internal politics, that largely perceived here are concomitantly timed to favors the regime.
Last week, alike Statement issued by (JEM) leader Khalil Ibrahim assistant, also denouncing and accusing general Scott Gration and others he did not name in the US, of laboring on behalf of his former islamist NCP , to pressurize his movement unashamedly to give in and attend the Doha circus.
Another of those Gration news not long ago that the general called on France to bulldoze Mr. Abdul Al-Waheed Nur to participate in Doha,or "terminate his residency in France"!?.
This week, general Scott Gration also made a statement on what all Sudanese think is none of his businesses or the US,again on a very Sudanese dewy-eyed issue in regard to the 2011 Southerners choices vote to secede or chose the unity of Sudan, when he prophesying; "an unavoidable yet idyllic annul, between the South and North Sudan". that was deeply alarmed alike the loftiest aficionado of the US approach in Sudan where the US seen not for encouraging to eliminate the actual obstacle that crippling its people yaring for unity and freedom.
ehhm... pardon me!...lets recap back in time for amoment, when the same Scott Gration himself loudly aspaired once the same to his country when he told NEWSWEEK "To see how Mandela saved his country by bridging racial, ethnic and in some cases cultural diversity, and turn a page from a turbulent time—I think that’s sort of what Obama doing," . here what the General dreamt for America is contradictory to what he like to see in Sudan and all his "nosy" rant supporting this today was seen as a clear endorsement to the dismantling of the country as an easy way out,I will go even more to say general.Scott Gration statement was a US suicidal and clack policy in Sudan,thanks to Scott Gration and Co. for anti-American this sort of clack politics is a wining card for many dervish politicians who would love to capitalize on, and uses within the
helplessly indoctrinated Islamist and nationalist bevy here.
The obama administration special envoy has in fact blotch any constructive role for the US in feature Sudan, be it in the South or North,and this hard to explain for avant-garde spectators and could only be paraphrased to them that its due to the fathomless simpleness of the like of Scott Gration about the country peoples nature, too this could be employed too often about the US policy makers, and it's so called expert, when it comes to Sudan. but the former prime minister Al-Sadiq al-Mahdi have spotted clearly and have every right to be worried! .
I agree again with Mr.Al-Sadiq al-Mahdi the unsuspected spiner for the NCP here is no other than the general scott gration, and odds enough he is the one once said he "really disappointed with the spin mongers", we too general.!
Most of Scott Gration statements were widely refuted and some gave enough wrong ammunition to the extremist and nationalist a like propaganda,same as in the old-time, for them to sing along; the conventional caricature of the greedy imperialist and the raw materials, but who could counter against such when you have the kind of Chevron, general Scott Gration,and a murky relationship with the kind of Salah Gush, Sudan most hated Islamist butcher under the pretexts of fighting terrorism, which really beg the question whether this man manipulating al Qaida for the CIA or playing the CIA for al Qaida – perhaps both answers are correct.
Besides iffy American politics ,economic and religious interest left to muddling among the South-North issues,where any roumer of such could imperceptibly be believed on the street, owing to Washington for quite a long time now been turning a blind eye to too many statement coming from there, that has the beat attach links to the oil lobby and religious motivated groups agenda, not freedom and democracy for feature Sudan, One could list here many out of touch simplistic statements made by General Gration and others since appointed, and feel very sorry how he incontestably lured in concluding on such about the South or Darfur,mostly this done by the NCP cunning banjoists he approaches and the American based spin connoisseurs.
Hatim Elmedani*

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