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Articles and Analysies Last Updated: Dec 20, 2009 - 3:34:53 PM

Don’t Obama us Ocampo the bully’s by Hatim El-Madani*

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Don’t Obama us Ocampo the bully’s
Every time the honorable Chairman of the main opposition Parliamentary bloc stand up to deliver his party views and objections a member of the ruling party who was sitting just seats away from him gets his gun out and start loading it before everyone eyes then unloading it again when the honorable Chairman of the main opposition about to sit down!!.. don’t clinch your fist! ..welcome to Sudan CPA transitional Parliament, it might sound like fictions story but the sad news is the honorable Chairman of the main opposition Parliamentary bloc no other than Yasser Arman the SPLA deputy leader and the gun touting bully is one of the NCP so called Parliamentarians.
If this incident was not enough for the CPA parties to party then what happened next the flowing days can only be described as the Sudan Taliban State affair these days that become our way of live during Bashir government. again it was when the same honorable Chairman of the main opposition Yasser Arman made a point of objection in regard to a clause in the Criminal and Justice Law currently before parliament about the punishment stated in regards to adultery that violate any human right law if not humanity which was part of the Sharia law, not to mention here the Law in question was the reason ignited the long war in the first place and should have been scraped longtime ago as stated by the CPA, now more than four years later its still before the twist and turn government same as many Laws and agreements signed with this Mafia. Again after foul mouthing in the Parliament by the NCP bullies where some of these exchanges content could only be described as nothing but a terrorizing wording and sinister threats.
Again and aren’t we fed up with again and again, all this became clearly serious when the government Mullahs this time calling themselves the Association of Muslim Scholars openly made a front page announcement Fatwa decree against Mr. Yasser Arman it was clear then this was coming from no other than Bashir thugs and they mean business as this followed by a bigot pro-government columnist openly calling for the assassination of the SPLA deputy Yasser Arman and just last week an attempt on his live was clearly pre-run staged when what is thought to be a bomb exploded in front of his office.
Living in fear and terror under the current regime become a norm to the vast majority in the north not only exclusively to Darfurian but everywhere in Sudan beside a Mafia style government sponsored corruptions and the creation of a two tier society of the less than one million who have and 39milions who have not ,they are the Islamists over night rich members and the rest.
We really thought up to now the truth about this Mafia is very clear to the international community to cease any sort of appeasing them, but with none stop every other day arrival of different envoys coming and going, dining not wining with the regime and the occasional tourist arranged photo opportunity visits to Darfur IDPs camps selling them false hope, where each of these envoys wanted to give it a try on his own way of learning, then loud advocate falling for the regime trick before the usual Rushdi regret of appeasing them became too late. now Bashir Mafia as a result of all this soft approach is the one holding the carrots and waving the stick too now, they even confidently report on their media quoting the French Foreign Minister giving them assurances that he will force the SLM leader Mr Abdu Al Waheed Al Nour to engage in peace talk with them and this not the first time the state media quoted the French Foreign Ministry falsely or not giving the impression to its readers that France are willing to expel Mr Al Nour, but we never heard from France a robust condemnations of such propaganda that if not rousing too many questions marks about the two parties dealing its indeed tarnishing France reputation and values.
Of course the French are not alone but we can understand the no values no ethics Russians and Chinese envoys pro-government economic interest first based views, definitely not the French attitude.
What most sickening is what came out of the mouth of the above mentioned gun touting Parliament announcing that they made a proposal to the government to invite the U.S. President Barack Obama to visit Sudan to promote the progress they have made?? I think that need no comment but what is depressing here is the US has already invited the government minister who started the argument that incited the gun bomb and Fatwa against the SPLA deputy to Washington next week to discuss what progress has been made in regards to the implementation of the CPA! this is puzzling me because the time scale and the deadline stated by the CPA for this government to dissolve itself is only a month away and the prospects of free and fair election is only for the fools to believe in and we have a good reasons to believe that and alarming finding, again and again a very sinister plan as usual by the regime and its Mullahs to defraud the coming election and get away from any accountability.
What we gathered from within the urgently called for and state funded mobilization of the Islamist and NCP members for meetings across the country and within the armed forces and their militias and Jihadist covert organizations and new invented parties, where they were given the assurances that they are in total control of every economic institution, the state departments and the state covert or other wise security bodies that no elected government will function without even if they to step down voluntary they will be able to paralyzes and disrupts and sabotage the nation will. these finding are already known to us and true the Sudanese dubbed it long time ago (Marhalat Al Tamhkeen) meaning the period of controlling everything and empowering their members financially where Bashir government has sold every assets owned by the state to its Islamist Sheikhs bankers and funded everyone of its members to control an aspect in Sudan as one Sudanese journalist described it ;even the ice-cream venders are funded by them, the scale of this tragedy and financial robbery is beyond imagination and indescribable.
Wishfully the democratic process if is to take place freely of course will deal with such but if that to happen before full accountability the vast majority will be blackmailed in not to participate freely apart of no grantees of its feature, simply if these bullies could think they can point a gun at you for expressing your views in parliament then is no doubt you are dead before investigating any wrong doing by them.
  Reasoning never worked with fascist and extremists through history and will never never work with the Jihadist and they will test anybody resolve to the limit and our Mafia are no different, the only civilized answer to deal with them is accountability through the judicial process and the determination to do so and by avoiding falling to their habits’ of wheeling and dealing in values and principles we all hold dearly, and we have called for them to be hit where it hurt most and that their cross borders financing and the promotion of the international justice. I’m pretty sure they will not understand an unclenched fest, they will always want to see our hands up.
Hatim El-Madani* 

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