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Dilemma of Taban Deng BY: Deng Mulwal
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Sep 1, 2009 - 9:33:59 AM

Dilemma of Taban Deng

BY: Deng Mulwal


  In the news, Unity State Governor, Taban Deng shouldered the SPLM responsible for the failure of his government. Deng said in his government meeting that he knows very well those who are putting obstacles to get rid of him as a governor.

It seems that Taban Deng is practicing a democratic action within the SPLM through criticizing its leadership.

But in fact the man was not practicing democracy, because he came to the seat of governor through undemocratic way as he was rejected democratically and the citizens of the state sent a memo to GoSS President asking for his removal.

Furthermore, Taban Deng failed to get the confidence of the SPLM in his state which made his situation an odd one as he failed popularly and officially.
Therefore, Taban Deng by criticizing the SPLM leadership and his government members is considered as an indignant reaction.
According to informed sources in Bentiu it seems that Taban Deng is living his last days as governor due to his wrong practices towards his people, adding to that the SPLM leadership is preparing for the upcoming elections which necessitates reviewing the situation in all states and provinces to be based on strong and democratic principles.

The feeling of Taban Deng that he would be removed sooner or later is the reason for attacking the SPLM leadership, of which he is one of its prominent leaders.
It goes without saying that the SPLM in the south is suffering from failure and corruption and because of that it is natural for the Southern Sudan States to suffer the failure.

Taban Deng is not an exception but what is strange is his defending himself through insulting his movement (SPLM).




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