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Darfur in prison who and how can we rescue? by Adda Ismail
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Dec 17, 2009 - 8:54:22 PM

 Darfur in prison who and how can we rescue?

How could you believe that most of the IDP comps are turned to vast huge comps in the region, where people live the rest of the source of live in behind those huge prisons when they are struggling to get fire-wood and fresh water?

It has not been easy for most of the real inhabitant in Darfur internally displaced people living where they are surrounded by jenjaweet everywhere and the Government Armey pave over the outside comps. Most of the places is not operated by the owners of the land but they new resettles and Jenjaweet, when live is so miserable for those who suppose to be outside wondering for firewood fresh water marketing and farming traveling for their own needs location for continuing their live in a way feets their dreams of 6 years, these those people are helpless and no one is able to help. When Unimate attendance are expressing the view of live and attractiveness of Mountains shaduws during their mission in saving people’s lives and keeping the prisoners uphold for slow death

It would have been habitually impressive if there were no comps no Jenjaweed no Government armies carrying guns and no Resettles in the villages that would have been reality of expression I do not see whey you have that feelings when people are in camps and you are out there at Unimate white tent like a camel milk and talking about the employments that is not the reality of Darfur for Darfur people would have been much better off if there is a peace for Darfur people to farm and spent all the day time in their fields and get back home for their home when they done with farm and then we express our feelings about how young Golden mountings rings and sun raising behind because Darfuris know how it looks like when there is peace, Unimate should realize the fact that you are there to maintain peace for Jinjaweet but do not worry let some other people care for that peace to the people of Darfur when the Unimate stuff are there expressing their feelings in a open land without its’ people?


Adda Ismail

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