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Articles and Analysies «Š’›Õ… «Šŕ—»Ū… Last Updated: Dec 20, 2009 - 3:34:53 PM

Current Theory behind SPLM Presidential Candidature Debate will split the party BY: Isaiah Abraham, JUBA

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Current Theory behind SPLM Presidential Candidature Debate will split the party

BY: Isaiah Abraham, JUBA


SEPT 13/2009, SSN; The Sudan People's Liberation Movement (The SPLM) has ran into trouble as to who should go to contest against President Omar Hassan Ahmed Al Bashir of the National Congress Party (NCP) in the slated April next year general elections. The troubles as we all read from earlier this year has so much to do with theories and conspiracies other than an election per se. But the SPLM in its open and underground meetings and consultations failed to agree on the way forward- who should go as a party torch bearer. No wonder the   party has struggled in vain to accommodate different options to bail itself out of the crisis, until it shifted to the media and here we are being left with public guesses, one of which Mr. Malik Aggar of the Blue State has featured and claimed to be a compromise candidate. I don't know however how could that be done with ease.

Before we argued further on the consequences of this plan, let it be known categorically here that the scheme under which Mr. Kiir is reported to have declined to nominate himself or refuse to relinquish his Chairmanship role to his deputy, is a typical plot by certain section of society or certain community to play a hocus-pocus game against certain individual they think isn't 'proper' to take over the mantra of leadership for the Southern Sudan, when don't work out in Khartoum contest.

In another word, these people have hatched this project to block the rising candidature of the current Vice President in both seats. Chairman Kiir   purported stand has a lot to be desired and simply too loaded. But again, what do you think would be in the mind of Dr. Machar supporters when this man is treated like that again, do you remember Nyakuron last year? On Malik project, why would anyone settle for a junior and literally amateur, leaving the capable behind? What also do you read has been going on behind the scene in all that package of theories?


But also wasn't the SPLM party fighting for that objective for the past 20 or so year- the new Sudan vision? By the way, what will the people of the Sudan say about us, especially the party and its Chair? Why would anyone run away from constitutional challenges, at its peak leaving the public in disarray? Please spare the people of Southern Sudan and the Sudan such a rubbish. His visit to Darfur, Nuba Mountains and Ingessina Hills capture the mood of the electorates, that they are yearning for change, why abundant them in the middle of the road? Isn't this not Mr. Kiir who had confessed that he has been dealing (fighting) with the separatists in the South to realize the New Sudan of equality, unity and progress? Back home, it has even becomes an issues right now everywhere that the man people have pegged their hope in him has abdicated his duties just to settle score with his competitor.

We don't need another split at an eleven hour. We madly killed other for nothing and it should be a bitter lesson not to repeat. The SPLM Chairman must not let himself to be deceived that everything will be normal if he goes against the grain to short changed Dr. Machar today or tomorrow. The business will not be the same and the enemy in Khartoum will capitalize on each of us. There is nothing special in the Southern Presidency that couldn't be realized if we remain strategically focused. If the Chairman shies from losing, then he isn't a politician but an opportunist; he must not assume to ride on others back or achievement. Who says politics is a smooth path; you mess it up, you pay for it.


A clever ruse to protect the SPLM Chairman at this stage is dangerous. If Gen. Kiir lacks confidence how dare are we to keep him in the Southern Presidency? If fact it was a mistake to give him that position in Kamotho, the Chairmanship shouldn't have been given to him in the first place. He has proven beyond any reasonable doubts that we had hoped against any hope for him and nothing will change even if we allowed him ten more years. That anomaly should be corrected and the time for it is here. A great opportunity!   

Someone has argued here, as others do elsewhere, that since its his democratic right to refuse, he should be left alone. Until this become official, I strongly feel that the SPLM party must sit down now and iron it out; they got to follow party laws letter by letter. Amendment or accommodation with clouded theory hanging over this matter at the moment won't help, but complicate things. The mistake of May last year must be avoided. It was a bad experience when few figures were responsible to call the shot   As the election approaches, the party ought to be conscious of how will their plan look like in the end.


Gen. Kiir isn't popular anymore due to disillusions that have gripped our people ranging from smallest thing to the biggest. We are at a lost! Malpractices and bad governance have become his middle names. He has run out of steam to move our nation to work, and fight external and internal challenges more effectively. We have been saying those lines over and over again, yeah? 'Darwish' won't like this piece, but the reality calls for sobriety before its too late. He's too much a burden. Throw out then Gen. Kiir project quickly, if we want to have unified party next year and during Referendum time; allow Gen. Kiir to retire and if he is serious he should try it against Al Bashir or leave the situation the way its now. We will see what will happen when the enemy flag goes down in our land in 9 months time.

As for Malik as a person, besides his dingy and freaky character, there is no any point to disturb the current structures of the party. The attempt to overstepped hard working individuals when they are in their prime stages of leadership, can't be received with a flower. Troubles can't just be created at day break because someone has been driven by a whim that they are always leaders to rule and if not them, then to hell or 'balash'. We had enough of bitter problems from tribal generating problems and no one should drag us there. After all pacifying them (Nuba and Funj people) is too late thing too little.


In summation, the case of what to do with Mr. Kiir- should the rumor of him refusing to nominate himself as SPLM Presidential candidate be proven- must not be allowed to interfere with the structures and institutions.   This is a national seat not a community monopoly to intimidate others or engineer acts of stopping others from ascending to power.

If Gen. Kiir refuses why didn't he officially nominated his deputy to take over, why a Northerner? But in the first place, why keep the matter secret at this time but engage in clandestine media propaganda?   In the upcoming party Convention therefore, the party is urged to put this divisive matter to rest once and for all. God may you bless us in this Holy Month of Ramadhan!


Isaiah Abraham lives in Juba ; he's on [email protected]


Disclaimer: Disclaimer: The views expressed above are solely those of the author and do not represent those of the website.

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