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Crying over spilled milky: Southerners crying won't help BY: CatChawear Bol, USA (new southsudan)
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Aug 5, 2009 - 4:46:40 AM

   Crying over spilled milky: Southerners crying won't help

CatChawear Bol , USA (new southsudan)

    Since the ruling was announced in relation to the Abyei dispute, a loud outcry from southern Sudanese in writing over the internet has bombarded the readers across the world. The decision has been made and nothing is possibly going to change it. Crying over something that has no other alternative is useless.

As many can argue that going back to war can serve as an alternative way of solving the differences of opinion on Abyei, it has to be noticed that war is not new to us; we have been through that pass and it was not easy. After all, we will have to come back for peace and the same thing will surface again.
The Hague will rule over the same issue one more time, and guess who is going to lose again—southerners.

I have been thinking about the people of Abyei making the decision of where they wanted to be, but I failed to understand why the case was taken to
The Hague ? Did people of Abyei fail to decide?

Southerners official should have negotiated for people of Abyei to decide in place of taking the case to international court. The decision that the inhabitants would come up with would be the best solution. If they prefer northern
Sudan , then all everything in Abyei including the people and oil would belong to the north or NCP. Therefore, southerners would have no power whatsoever in Abyei and Vice Versa.

But knowing from experience and how NCP operates, the northerners would still win over the people of Abyei and the oil field. The reason being, NCP would bribe the people of Abyei in order for them to vote for NCP. Thus,
The Hague ruling is better as we would have lost both the oil and the people.

In respect to that, citizens of Abyei are better than the oil. Southerners have been in that land for God knows how long; and oil was not an object and it will not be today.

I do understand why we need both the people and the oil, because the land belongs to us, we inherit it from our ancestors. There is no point for Arab to deprive us of it. Our weaknesses have enabled Jellaba to take advantage of us. This we can’t blame Jellaba on.

After we learned the harsh news, we were terrified and regretted the move our leaders made. Leaders are meant to make difficult moves, some will culminate in bad outcomes and some in good outcomes. Not only the citizens were embarrassed, the leaders as well.

To cover up the embarrassment, our leaders came up with the silly idea that the Helig oil field belongs to
Unity State . If it is part of Unity, why was it in the ruling? Abyei and Unity are two different states.


     I sincerely don’t know what kind of Kangaroo court are we practicing here? Did our leaders think The Hague do things as they do? Now they found out for themselves!

A Rule is a rule. It can’t be disobeyed for whatever reason. Western world people are very strict with their laws, they don’t play around.

Remember, this ruling was labeled as the last resort. At this point, there is not turning back, we already past the point of no return.

In conclusion, we, the southerners have no reason to bark over spilled milk. Abyei people should have decided instead of rushing to
The Hague . Southern Sudanese need to seriously watch for bribery; Jellaba will destroy our nation with money.

Because their money is so powerful than some of our dear ones' hearts, they will one day sit back and watch us kill ourselves over few dollars or pounds. Lam Akol has recently turned his back on us, it is getting closer and closer everyday for Jellaba to watch their favorite show.

In reiteration, let us not dwell on the past. Instead, let the past be the past and focus on what is happening today and how we can get to the top.



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