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Corrupt voters registration in the Sudan/Tarig M. M. K. Anter, Mr.
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Nov 23, 2009 - 8:25:11 AM


There are a lot of malpractices in voter registration with strong indications that the coming elections in the Sudan will be another wasted opportunity for good governance, peace and development. It will lead us to the bloody breaking point once more.
The striking observation is that the SPLM and UN organizations in the Sudan are doing nothing other than shy remarks and brief statements on some corners of the media without real or sincere efforts to inform and assist the people to register and report any irregularity.

I am writing to you to ask everybody and every foreign state and international organization to do their best to stop and rectify the following:
1- Malpractices in voters registration.
2- The insincerity of observing parties and collusion with the ruling NCP.
3- The wrong perception and practices of the current SPLM leadership towards the peace processes and their responsibilities.

It is very crucial at this critical period to remind the SPLM and all other parties that if the Sudanese people and the supporting international community cannot fight the rooted corruption in the Sudan in both the center and in the south while they are still united then they will definitely fail after secession and wasting precious conditions of peace and support.

Corruption in business, political and social behaviors must be identified and addressed. Also, the Sudan is weighed down by fictitious political parties and these need a lot of reforms and directions to make any sense of any fair and free elections at all. Tribal ethnicity, fanatic religions and extremist politics are just deceptive tools of these corrupt, fake and incompetent groups.

The Nivasha peace deal must be maintained with extra amendments and the Sudanese people must do more to curb corruption and reform their political parties, civil organizations and judiciary. Unfortunately, there are no enough instruments, time and commitment in that deal to lead to good governance and peace. Nivasha is all about cessation of fighting and exploitation of oil with dead lines leading to wastes of confidence and opportunities.

Please act now by telling the USA Administration; China; the EU; the UN; the African Union and the Arab League not to wasted this elections by making it too early with no no enough preparations on the ground.

Tarig M. M. K. Anter, Mr.
Sudanese citizen,
Khartoum, Sudan.
Tel.: +249- 911636990/ 923350724

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