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Anti-Graft Commission Group in Southern Sudan! By: Deng Mulwal
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Jun 2, 2009 - 7:13:09 PM

Anti-Graft Commission Group in Southern Sudan !

By: Deng Mulwal


GoSS Presidential Advisor on Human Rights, Rebecca Nyandeng, has accused the Government of Southern Sudan of propagating corruption and nepotism. According to her, nepotism is rampant in Juba .


If you go to a ministry you will find that all the people at the reception are from Bor. The government has been turned into an eating place rather than a working place. Someone goes to their relatives and asks them to put them somewhere because the kids are hungry!

Administrative and financial corruption is no more a hidden issue to all the people living there even amongst the illiterate citizens.

The Anti-Graft Commission conducted a study on the phenomena, which overwhelmed the region since the SPLM came to power in the South.

The study revealed that 76% of southern Sudan population confirmed an increase in financial corruption claiming that the political and military officials dealt with public money in such a manner as if that money was their own right and property, regarding it as a compensation for their struggle during the alleged liberation era!


The Anti-Graft Commission study also revealed that corruption has become a norm in Southern Sudan as there are different fringes protecting each other, and that the corruption is through using ghost names in the payroll a matter that makes the mission of the commission impossible.

We here recall GoSS President's vow to wipe out corruption at the Fifth Governors’ Forum held in
Juba last year; but instead corruption remains intact and gains momentum.


It is obvious that there are groups working to fight the anti-corruption committee (anti anti-corruption commission group!) to continue robbing the revenues of the South.

The situation in Southern Sudan is horrible and needs great efforts and long years of continuous work to eradicate the politically protected corruption phenomena.


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