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Akol's Convulsion By: Deng Mulwal
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Jun 11, 2009 - 8:55:59 AM

Akol's Convulsion

By: Deng Mulwal


A few days ago we warned in our editorial against the breakaways within the SPLM based on the formation of a new faction under the name SPLM- Democratic Change. We affirmed in that editorial that the breakaway of the SPLM-DC


is but a start and if the movement does not put its house in order quickly and review its policies a gloomy future is awaiting it especially if we put in consideration the upcoming elections and the preparations to run it by all the political forces.


Now what we warned against came as true after Dr. Lam Akol announced the formation of a new SPLM-Democratic Change with the objective of saving the movement from collapse to which it is heading under its current leadership.


The immediate reaction of the SPLM leadership that came from the movement's Secretary-General who considered the formation of the new party as an attempt to steal the SPLM history and an intrusion utilization of its name.

Pagan advised the new party to directly join the NCP denying that the announcement of the new party represents a breakaway in the movement ranks.


Instead of attacking the founders of the new party or accusing the NCP, the SPLM leaders should review the statement on the launching of the SPLM-DC as it focused on all the problems that need to be dealt with.

Nobody can ignore a figure like Dr. Lam Akol and the effect of his breakaway from the mother party, and his new party will by a thorn in the side of the SPLM unless the latter tries to adjust its ideology to avoid more splinters.


The importance of the announcement of the new SPLM-DC party emerges from the fact it makes the movement as a sinking boat and it represents the starting of the flames nearing the south which will affect the whole south in general and the SPLM in particular leading to a new shape of the region.



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