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Abumazin why did you betrayed us ??? Gibreel Musa Ahmed-Sudan – Almairam south Kordofan
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Oct 13, 2009 - 8:13:10 AM




Abumazin why did you betrayed us ???



What so called Mahmoud Abbas Abumazin , reflected his bad image when he postponed the Goldstone’s report , the report going to punish the Israeli leaders who killed thousands of the Gaza people , but to our stonishment and surprise we find that Abumazin saved Israel from the punishment .

In fact it is incredible that man to be the president of the Palestinian territories , even those Americans and Europeans expressed about their surprise when Abumazin   postponed the report, there are many reasons pushed   him to do that evil acts first he wants to gain the satisfactions of America and Israel so as to stay in power as long as he can .

There are some political analysts saying that , Abumazin threatened by Israel if he didn’t withdraw the report Israel will uncover dangerous files agaist him such as his participation in Yassir Arafat assassination , and as well Israel will say that Abumazin cooperate with us during the war against Gaza , all these factors made him to be more flexible to implement the American and Israeli policys against his own people , what scandal you brought to Arab nations !!!


Gibreel Musa Ahmed

Sudan – Almairam south Kordofan


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