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A letter to UN Secretary General by Dr. Mohamed Ali Mustafa
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May 26, 2010 - 10:09:24 PM

Darfur Displaced Peoples and Refugees Union

A letter to UN Secretary General

Date: May 25, 2010

Mr. Ban Key Moon

United Nations’ Secretary General


Subject : Decision Authorizing UN Officials to

          Attend Al-Bashir Inauguration Ceremony

Dear Sire:


   With the great respect and humility Darfur  Displaced peoples and Refugees Union writes you this letter to express its   deep   appreciation and respect to you and to the International Organization.

  Darfur Displaced Peoples and Refugees Union has Received with great sadness and dismay the ramifications of your decisions that ordering two of the UN key officials (Abrahim Gambary of UNAMID and Maile Menkerios of UNAMIS) to attends the inauguration ceremony of   the ICC indicted President Al- Bashir . Its confusing decision to all victims of the war ravaged region of Darfur. Its hard to us; we the victims of the war crimes to hear from the International Organization who had initiated the Missions  of inquiries on Darfur atrocities and referred the case to ICC for litigation, now legitimating   a World most wanted criminal to lead Sudan. Al-bashir is a fugitive from justice who should be arrested   not to be feted   by UN.

  First and at very outset the Darfur IDPs and Refugees request the UN secretary General to retract from his decision, because the decision clearly indicates that UN will not co-operate with ICC to apprehend the indicted president Al-Bashir. WE Want the perpetrators of the serious crimes to be equally brought to justice. Justice is the only basis for the true and lasting peace. Justice is for all no one is above the law how powerful he is.    

ICC judges have no other power but UN to apprehend the perpetrators of the serious crimes in Darfur, but instate of apprehending them UN attending their ceremonies and  encouraging them to remain fugitive.

  Darfur IDPs and Refugees Union kindly requests the International Organization not to betray the wishes of the defenseless civilians of Darfur and probes the perpetrators of the serious atrocities by attending their lavish ceremonies. Such decision flagrantly contradicts the widely accepted UN’s position that “there should be no amnesty for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. In fact the decision authorizing UN officials to attend the inauguration ceremony of ICC indicted president undermines the credibility of the International Organization as an impartial institution and the role played by it to protect the innocent civilians of Darfur and to resolve their problem.

  It is sad to say that numerous Darfurian victims tend to believe that UN Secretary General has totally lost direction and want to scarify the justice issue with political relations. We do not the United Nations’ office to be turned into a public relations office for fugitive suspects.



Yours truly,



Dr. Mohamed Ali Mustafa

Secretary   General   for

Darfur IDPs and Refugees Union  

Date: May 26, 2010









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