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A Library and Strategic Centers’ for Dr. John, Garang’s Admiration By: Mayar Mayar Kout
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Nov 23, 2009 - 8:00:39 AM

A Library and Strategic Centers ’ for Dr. John, Garang’s Admiration


 By: Mayar Mayar Kout

The entombment site of late Dr. John. Mabior, A supreme leader for our nation and a founder of New Sudan, country for all citizens, where men and women will live in equity and justice. Honoring him, with sites will be a moral obligation and historic memoir for visionary leader Dr. John. His name will be kept alive, if we build two historical facilities 1st A National Library with Conference Hall and 2nd New Sudan for Strategy and     International Studies (NSSIS) or New Sudan Centre for Defense Policy and Research (NSCDPR). All those historic facilities are to be build behind his burial cemetery- in Juba capital city of southern Sudan .


Historically, we have never honored our leaders with symbolic signs or facility, but as I would put it that will be a way of honoring our leaders when they are doing good things for the country. On the other hands, it will be encouraging steps for most current leadership to do great for this nation … Etcetera.

The following, are the most needed things to be considered in that site of Dr. John, first of all, we should acknowledge that, our Late   leader John, he valued  the education in his life, he’s personally, worthy with acknowledge and   highly thinking capacity so he would be related directly or indirect  to those of scholars places and educational Institutions.   Therefore the most importance services, in order of honoring him, we have to do as follows:

First, we can to construct, one large Library, which could facilitate citizens of Juba and location that allow all Sudanese to get access to it.


Secondly, we should construct A (New Sudan for Strategy and International Studies (NSSIS); this Institute it will be use for Study for any things related to our nation history and Political Background from two wars Legacies. And our traditional customs plus living standards, our society and local communities of southern Sudan .


My Third, suggestion, is that to having a Museum for Studying our Traditional Culture and also we should have a very big Conference Hall which will fit-in about 300 Audience. And  for the internal activities Conference Hall’s to be use for education purpose, teaching  about nation’s history, and tell history about heroes and heroines of the SPLM/A and others National parties whom have contributed, during revolutionary    wars with north-Sudan. On the other hands, the Museum will be use to receipt the a tourists who want to know some something about leader (Dr. John Garang) at the same time about the Country’s Entity.


Foremost the location of Cemetery has fell in a very strategic place in the heart of capital city of southern Sudan town of Juba. Therefore it’s making it easier, for all peoples and to everyone to make a necessary visit to the site with a cheapest cost of transportation to the location.


To close, my application, I would like from leadership of SPLM /A party and its all Institutional Agencies and to the government of southern Sudan to think through my ideas about taking this application in seriously. And I believe that, the nation will be benefiting from this moral standing and encouragement. In addition it’s give a beautiful images of leadership, an interpretation to a way of honoring our past historical leaders and keeping their stories alive. A great work of theirs is still living with us, as a good sprit. And we’ll continue, next few weeks,


A writer is Computer Engineer and he’s a resident of Juba town, southern Sudan                    

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