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Press Release


African Group Briefed on DPA and AMIS Activities


The African Union Mission in the Sudan (AMIS) convened a meeting with the African Group of Ambassadors on 18 July, 2006. The meeting was held to update the group on the activities of AMIS and also exchange ideas and view points regarding the efforts of the Mission in the Sudan.


The meeting was chaired by the Acting Head of Mission Madam Monique Mukaruliza and attended by the Head of the DPA Implementation

Team Ambassador Sam Ibok and senior personnel of AMIS.


The Acting Head of Mission noted in her opening remarks that such meetings were always crucial to the understanding of issues regarding the Mission and encouraged that they should be convened on regular basis. She invited reactions and inputs from the Ambassadors who seemed to be well informed on the current situation in the Mission area. 


Giving a historical background to the inception of AMIS, Madam Mukaruliza observed that the challenges the AU troops confronted on the ground were the proliferation of the parties to the conflict and a whole host of tribal and other militias, splinter groups from rebel Movements as well as uncontrolled elements.    


In this connection, Madam Mukaruliza noted that Chapter three of the DPA which provides for a comprehensive ceasefire and final security arrangements has given additional challenging responsibilities to AMIS. These include ceasefire monitoring and verification of various mechanisms, the creation of demilitarized zones around the camps, the protection of IDPs and humanitarian supply routes, the regulation of traditional nomadic migration routes, DDR, monitoring arms control mechanisms as well as the creation of buffer zones to separate forces.


On his part, Ambassador Ibok gave an overview of the current situation regarding, inter alia, progress being made in respect to the implementation of the DPA including its popularization process. He noted that packaging of information in the form of brochures and pamphlets on the DPA is underway. Moreover, a central venue where representatives of parties involved with DPA can meet and share ideas has been identified and will be available for utilization soon.


He highlighted that it should be noted that the DPA is a product of compromise between the Sudanese parties reached with the assistance of the international community led by the AU. He noted that the presence of the African Union Mission in the Sudan has made a difference in Darfur and the visible outcome has been the DPA.


 On other aspects of the DPA, Ambassador Ibok characterized the Darfur-Darfur Dialogue and Consultation, as a conference through which representatives of all Darfurian stakeholders would meet to deliberate on the ways of restoring peace and stability to their land, overcoming the divisions between communities and resolving the existing problems to create a common future for Darfur.


The African Group was also briefed by the AMIS Military Advisor Colonel Eze on the Security situation in Darfur who noted that the security situation in that troubled region has remained unpredictable, especially with the signing of the DPA as evidenced by ceasefire violations, banditry activities, restriction of AMIS activities and attacks on civilians. He however, noted that all demonstrations, totaling eight, took place in May 2006 and that none have been witnessed during the months of June and July.


The Ambassadors, who participated actively in the open debate, praised the efforts that AMIS continues to exert in the promotion of peace and security in Darfur despite the odds and expressed their readiness to participate in future consultative meetings of this nature.



Khartoum, 19 July, 2006





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