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Mar 22, 2007 - 9:12:22 AM

The Consortium has Become Part of the Problem




The Oslo CSF in April 2005 provided rare opportunity for CSOs to establish true partnership relationship and to clearly state their role in a peaceful Sudan.


 Therefore, we raise concerns for continuously being ignored and having no civil space.




The humanitarian crisis is just short of resuming the conflict:


   The situation, according to contemporary Sudanese studies center, is so bleak. The spell over effect is already destabilizing Chad, CAR and Uganda, yet the World Bank sits over the resources and even the donation put into their coffers are not going in the right time to the right projects. The peace dividends are unfortunately abused by the bank to support the monetarist agenda of the bank that is known to make growth without development.


  The civil society takes this chance to express concern that while the humanitarian crisis is escalating those who are supporting the human security of Sudan, through the peace agreements, providing the necessary resources for the bank to mismanage it. Simply because the bank lacks the adequate capacity for such situation. The result is that the bank is adding fuel to the blast. While the GNU claims 10% growth rate for the economy. This growth seems to have no impact on basic services of health, education water and sanitation. Far more important it is no jobs creating growth except for the police state. More than 85% of the F/Y07 is allocated to secretly security, as if no peace agreement were signed. The structure for good governance, established by the CPA/ DPA/EPA... etc are resource starved; not only financially but also it is filled with personnel who are lacking competence or are hand tied to invoke reform.


  The GOSS government also as, the greater Equatoria security conference, convened a few weeks ago, clearly shown that GOSS personnel are sharing the same policy of GNU, of keeping resources for themselves rather than taking it to the war torn communities. To give one example is the ministry of interior which suet 800 police to N.E state and claiming that they do not have resources for their training and at the same time bought 100 vehicles for the ministry personnel.


   Those who suffered the wounds of war in the garrison towns of the South are been segregated to the extend of stigmatizing them with complacency with government of the NIF. A new mercantilist start with links to Nairobi and Kampala markets are high jacking the rehabilitation process. if the oil money, unverified up to now, is being wasted, the bank is awfully beurcratic releasing resources as expressed by the EU commission.


  Almost two years have passed and the refugees (8 millions) are not repatriated and the displacement is fastly growing all over the country with the process of integration and return is stagnant.


The situation in Darfur is slipping to unprecedented levels of human misery. The Darfur dialogue must be in the hands of the people of Darfur themselves and the moderation must be done by CSOS.


   The crux of all the problems is the marginalization of the role of CSOS by all members of consortium in what appears to be an intentional endeavour to violate the MDG 8.


  No justice or peace nor good governance will be there unless this very genuine CSO is empowered and the advice it provides is well taken  


We want to see more transparent way of humanitarian services delivery in Darfur.  

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