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United States Congress (Washington, DC)
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Sep 28, 2006 - 7:06:00 AM

United States Congress (Washington, DC)

By Office of Rep. Frank Wolf
Washington, DC

Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) announced today that the U.S. House of Representatives has passed a resolution supporting the appointment of a presidential special envoy for Sudan.  Wolf introduced the bipartisan measure in the House earlier this month.

"The people of Sudan have suffered far too long," Wolf said.  "What is needed now is immediate action.  The women and children are counting on us to try to end their nightmare.  No human should ever have to live through, and endure, what these people have."

Wolf has visited Sudan five times, the latest two years ago when he traveled to the Darfur region.  "I saw with my own eyes the suffering people of Darfur," he said.  "I drove past dozens of pillaged villages and walked through what was left of four burned to the ground. I heard countless stories about rape, murder and plunder.  I watched the barbarous Janjaweed militiamen - who are carrying out these attacks  - sitting astride camels and horses just a short distance from where young and old sought what they had hoped would be a safe harbor in refugee camps."

Wolf added that last week at the United Nations, the president renewed the U.S. commitment toward finding peace in Sudan by appointing Andrew Natsios as his special envoy for Sudan.  "Andrew has a big task ahead of him but I am confident he goes into this position with the respect of the administration, the support of Congress and the determination to see peace in Sudan," Wolf said.

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