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The Office of the Implementation of Abuja Peace Agreement
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Sep 19, 2006 - 10:46:00 PM


                          PRESSE RELEASE


The Office of the Implementation of Abuja Peace Agreement

                          Inaugurated in El Fasher


The office in El Fasher for the popularization and the implementation of the Darfur Peace Agreement was officially inaugurated on Sunday, 17 September 2006 by the Deputy Head of Mission, Ambassador Hassan A. Gibril.


The inauguration which takes place about a month after the inauguration of the same office in Khartoum was graced by the presence of the North Darfur Humanitarian Minister, the Deputy Force Commander, the Vice chairman of the CFC, the Deputy of Civilian Police Commissioner, the Representatives of US Embassy, SLA (Minni faction), signatory of the DPA and JEM signatory of the DOC.


On this memorable occasion, Ambassador Hassan Gibril, took the opportunity to enlighten those who unfortunately discredit the Abuja Peace Agreement that this is a compromise document for achieving this long awaited peace in Darfur and will brig an end to the suffering of the Darfurian population.


The negative campaigns on the Accord and its popularization, as pointed out Ambassador Gibril, necessitated the establishment of the Implementation office in El Fasher.


 Hence, it will provide correct information to the population on the provisions of the Accord thereby enabling the larger population to understand the contents of the document and to adhere to the process of its implementation.  


Ambassador Hassan then appealed to those parties and other interest groups who are non-signatories or antagonists to the agreement, to reconsider to embrace the principles of the DPA and come on board in the quest for permanent peace and security in the Darfur region. 


He thanked the donor community and particularly the United States for providing and equipping the DAP Implementation offices in Khartoum and subsequently in El Fasher.


He expressed also his profound gratitude to the AU international partners and their agencies for their commitment to the peace process in Darfur.




                                                          MOUSSA HAMANI ALZOUMA

                                                             INFORMATION OFFICER

                                                              AMIS, FHQ. EL FASHER

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