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Sudan Liberation Movement not part of Kenya , Mombassa or Tripoli conferences
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Jul 9, 2007 - 7:26:54 AM

       Sudan Liberation Movement not part of   
       Kenya , Mombassa or Tripoli conferences      

Press release No 49                                                                 
  Date: 08/ July 2007                                                                  
                                                                                                                     Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) totally not part of what called    movements unification conference  in Kenya or Mombassa.
Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM is united movement army and nation
under founder leadership Mr. Abdul Wahid Alnour, for that (SLM) want
to ensure the following points :-
1- Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) totally not part of what called movement unification conference that will be in Kenya or Mombassa.

2-Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) is united movement army and nation under founder chairman Mr. Abdul Wahid Alnour, according to the international agreements such cease fire, humanitarian, declaration of principle, and seven
round tables.                                                    
Sudan Liberation Movement not recognize any individuals and also not responsible towards those individuals whom    went to
Khartoum or return back from Khartoum or waiting at the platform to go to Khartoum

3- What called movement unification is a plot by Sudan regime , Sudan
regimes specialized in invented and manufactured individuals and create them parties and movements to complicate the final political solutions, the key lessons can be found in all Sudanese political parties.                                
4-Sudan Liberation Movement worn  those organizations preparing of what called Kenya or Mombassa conference to keep their nose out from Movement internal affairs, we know them they were funded by Sudan regime in order to increase numbers of vacancies wanted in Khartoum by artificial agreement not existing on ground in Darfur.  

5- If some one recognize he made mistake the door of the Sudan Liberation Movement open for him to return back and that not need conference in Kenya or Mombassa.

6- Sudan Liberation Movement appreciates the effort of Eritrean, Chadian, Libyan and Egyptian Presidents to bring justice peace to our nation in Darfur and
as whole. But regional summits or conferences are not bringing justice peace to our nation; Sudan regime used it as options to buy more individuals for posts and vacancies in Khartoum or used it to make deal with other countries for solving their problems between them, for that Sudan Liberation Movement not part of these regional summits or conferences and hence not obligated by any decisions or recommendations taken by it.

7- Sudan Liberation Movement support International conferences or summits that out from region and continent to avoid buying options or deals in order to look by open eye and heart in fresh air atmosphere to Darfur conflict, like   Paris conference out come on 25 June 2007 that International Community sending united clear message to Khartoum regime to stop killing, raping, and force relocation of Darfurian by all means, and accept United Nation deployment force in Darfur unconditionally otherwise face consequences like sanctions by all   means and from first time there were speaking a bout oil for food programme in order to use oil revenue to buy food, medicine , humanitarian aid, and used it for reconstruction in Darfur as well pay compensation to the Genocide victims. All the regional summits or conferences keep silences form issues addressing by Paris conference, for that reasons Sudan Liberation Movement not part of coming Tripoli conference on 15-16 July 2007and hence not obligated by its out come.

8- Sudan Liberation Movement ready to negotiate with
regime if conducive environment implementation of the following:-

--- Immediate and unconditional cease fire all over

--- Immediate humanitarian intervention to stop the on going atrocities ,   deployment of UN troops in Darfur unconditional , implementation of all UN Resolutions especially 1591-1953 and 1706and disarmament of the Janjaweed and all Khartoum militias.

 ---Open humanitarian corridors in all
region unconditionally.

--- Enforce arm embargo and non-fly-zone all over

--- Declare oil for food programme, to use oil revenue in exchange for
food, medicine and other humanitarian needs as well as compensations for the victims of Genocide and reconstruction of their region.

--- Remove all new settlers from Darfuri-indigenous lands (Hawakeir).
--- Withdrew all Khartoum troops and allied militias from all (SLM/A) areas and move back to their areas prior to N'djamena cease –fire agreement in April 2004.Our commitment to N'djamena cease-fire agreement and all UN security council resolutions on Darfur.
--- Release all political prisons that their cases are related to


                              Issued in
on 08 July 2007
                                              Yahia Bolad
                             Spokesperson of
Liberation Movement
                                    Phone: 00 44 79 616 08 397
                                    Email: [email protected]

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