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Sudan Liberation Movement/Army/Press Release regarding the AU Mediation
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Jun 5, 2006 - 2:14:00 AM



Sudan Liberation Movement/Army


Press Release regarding the AU Mediation


The SLM/A has exhausted all avenues to realize peace in Darfur through the AU mediation.  The latest of which is the SLM/As demand to attach a supplementary document addressing our key fundamental demands with the objective of attaining a comprehensive and sustainable peace in Darfur.  The AU Mediation Team has rushed a document that has come to life, weak and incomplete; subsequently, our request for a supplementary document has not been dealt with positively.  As the result, the international community has been in a dilemma and there has also been a discontentment by the people of Sudan and the people of Darfur in particular with regard to the Proposed DPA.  The AU has failed to resolve the Darfur conflict for the following reasons:


  • The Proposed DPA did not include some key fundamental demands for the people of Darfur;
  • The AU has been quite selective and putting pressure on the SLM/A to sign the Proposed DPA.  This is a clear violation to the rules of mediation in the area of conflict resolution;


Accordingly, the SLM/A has decided the following:


         Any extension to the deadline to sign the Proposed DPA is a waste of time and unacceptable; 

         The SLM/A retracts its previous proposal with regard to the addition of a supplementary document to the Proposed DPA.  The SLM/A rejects the whole Agreement, and the Darfur file (to settle the conflict on Darfur) should be taken over by the United Nations.



Jaffer Monro,

Spokesperson & Press Secretary



For further info on this statement, please contact:

Nouri Abdalla, SLM/A

GSM phone: +254-72-752-2952

Email: [email protected]

Date: June 3, 2006



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