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Statement on the continued detention of Mr. Yen Mathew and other student leaders in Khartoum
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May 9, 2007 - 3:18:43 AM



Statement on the continued detention of Mr. Yen Mathew and other student leaders in Khartoum



Yasir Arman: We smell the outlines of a conspiracy in the case of Mr. Yen Mathew and his colleagues under arrest by the authorities in Khartoum, and we must all pay attention before it is concluded



On the sidelines of a recent celebration of the graduation of Francis Dut, one of the SPLM members at Iowa State University in Ames, one of the attendees directed a question to Mr. Yasir Arman, member of the SPLM Political Bureau, on the recent statements from security officials about the continued detention of Mr. Yen Mathew and his colleagues over the murder of the University of El-Nilein Student. Mr. Arman answered the query by noting the following:


First, The SPLM is committed to the pursuit of a just and fair investigation and resolution of the case of the student who died in the unfortunate disturbances at the University.


Secondly, it is well known that Yen, who is a member of the SPLM’s highest organs, and that is the National Council, and the leading person directing the Youth and Student Sector of the Movement in the Northern Sector, was not present at the scene of the crime and was instead at a different college building at Al-Nilein University from the one where the student was killed.


Thirdly, the unfairly long detention of Mr. Yen and his colleagues without trial is an intended plan, and it is part of the pattern of conspiring to negatively impact the work of the Movement in Khartoum and the rest of the North. It is also designed to implicate the cadres of the Movement in controversies and cases that appear criminal or civil, and thus embarrass the national leadership of the Movement and make them appear to be condoning the abrogation of the due process of law if they raise serious concerns. This is a transparent attempt at blackmail that if not resisted will show the Movement to be in the unfortunate position of abandoning its active and loyal cadres.


Fourthly, Mr. Yen Mathew is identified by the Security apparatus and some of its leadership to be a “hard-liner” among the active members of the SPLM, and that identification is meant for members of the Movement who are committed to its agenda and to the implementation of its political program. It is well know that the Youth and Students sector has managed to consolidate alliances to win elections in 10 Universities including the Qur'an AlKarim University in Al-Gezira, where the SPLM managed to single-handedly win the elections for the Student Union. The unprecedented win of the SPLM in this specific University has proven to be very difficult to digest by many people as you all know. Moreover, the Youth and Students Sector managed to initiate a tremendous political mobilization within its target population after the establishment of the Secretariat premises in El-Mogran with its myriad resources, and that has instigated the wrath of many quarters against Yen Mathew and his colleagues.


Mr. Arman went on to commend the University of Khartoum students for their recent peaceful demonstrations demanding the release of all the students arrested for political reasons, and to express confidence that the leadership and students of the SPLM will not allow the conspiracy against Yen Mathew and his colleagues to proceed unchallenged. He reiterated that Mr. Yen Mathew has considerable expertise and talents in the student movement, and enjoys the great esteem of all the SPLM students, and that the current conspiracy against him and his compatriots will not be an easy one to carry out and will harm the conspirators before any one else. He also affirmed that he and all the members of the SPLM are committed to the due process of law and justice and that the principle of fairness requires that Yen Mathew and his colleagues be treated equitable and that is the only thing that is right.

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