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Statement from the military spokesman of Sudan Liberation Movement/Army
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May 2, 2007 - 8:47:13 PM


Statement from the military spokesman of Sudan Liberation Movement/Army




It has came to our attention that Sudan and Egypt Governments have signed an agreement, where by Egyptian troops will be send to Darfur, we in the Sudan Liberation Liberation Movement/Army and with due respect to the Egyptian Government would like however, to state the following:-



1.      We strongly warn Sudan Government to stop playing politics, these Egyptian troops where have they all been this time while our people are dieing? And why in this specific time? And why from Egypt ? Its Sudan Government’s policy of “drinking wine and preaching water” that let to these desperate states of affairs in Darfur .


2.      We in the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army are full a ware of the bilateral agreement between Salah Gush, the head of   Sudan Government’s security and Omar   Suleiman the head of Egyption Intelligence , to change the scenario of spelling innocence blood in Darfur , and we strongly condemn and reject this. Unethical and untimely move.



3.      It’s beats logic for the Egyption Government to think of sending troops to Darfur, while the Islamist still posing   a   great threat to the regime of President Mubarak and it will be good if these troops are kept to stabilize the internal situation in Egypt.


4.      The Sudan Liberation Movement/Army highly welcome UN forces from western and neutral countries to protect civilian and urge the International community to show sense of and urgency in sending the troops “ more delay more death”


Nimir Mohammed Abdurrahman

Thuraya Phone: +8821655599734

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Military Spokesman of the Sudan Liberation Movement /Army

Liberated Areas ( Darfur )

1st of May, 2007


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