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Statement from the Sudan Liberation Movement / Army concerning the ICC move to seek El Bashir's arrest.
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Jul 16, 2008 - 9:50:13 AM








Statement from the Sudan Liberation Movement / Army  concerning the ICC move to seek El Bashir's arrest.


The Sudan Liberation Movement/Army highly appreciate the bold, unprecedented decision by the International Criminal Court Chief Prosecutor Luis Moreno - Ocampo to seek arrest warrants for Sudan's Milosevic, Omar El Bashir; " the prayers and the cry of those in Kalma, Abu shouk, El salaam and the entire Refugees and IDPs camps who had been relentlessly victimized by El Bashir had been undoubtedly answered and nothing will relief their agony except seeing him taken to justice''.


And while the Movement watches the situation on the ground with eagle eyes it warns Khartoum's arms suppliers and blood -oil investors, leaders of Arab League

and pan-Arabists, Islamic Organizations and the Darfur genocide-fire pokers to step a side from exercising any genocidal-diplomacy to block the arrest warrant; where were they to advise El Bashir the non-strategist, non-soldier, not to mobilize the whole State apparatus to exterminate Darfur tribes of African origins; namely Fur, Zaghawa and Masalit and that his way was total madness???; and where were they while the Sudan government militias and the Janjaweed disemboweling pregnant women and raping girls in front of their mothers and fathers with impunity and now appearing to avert the justice???.


The era of crooked criminal caudillos and ethnicity-blinded leaders hiding behind a wall of lulled, unimplemented peace agreements, while they are turning against their own people in Africa is over and time should not be wasted to props up a criminal regime at the expense of the innocent people; those who fear that prosecuting El Bashir will destabilize the country are anti-interventionists, simple solutionists who never tried to put themselves into   Darfurian IDPs shoes and never understood what genocide mean.

 '' it doesn't give sense at all to deny people dying every one minute justice simply because you are fearing the consequences or counting on positive advancement in the CPA while the future of the entire country still bleak because the criminal is concealing his real intentions after all what he did and still doing''.  




Nimir Mohammed Abdelrahman.

The Military Spokesperson for the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army.

Tel: + 8821655599732 -+ 8821621295722.

16 / 7/ 2008.


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