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Statement from JEM bureau in Darfur
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Aug 7, 2006 - 11:43:00 PM

  Statement from JEM bureau in Darfur


To:Au, International Community, people of Sudan


               Subject: Gos to plan an all-out attack on NRF strongholds


Our well informed resources unveil that the Khartoum regime has commenced hatching an all-out military campaign on the rebel group abstained endorsing Abuja farcical peace deal.In this regard, a heavy armed military force combined with janjaweed militia using 115 well equipped vehicles, horses and camels left Elgeniena passing through Jabel moon and later camped in Alduhush valley in the vicinity of kulbus town.

Moreover, in the north Darfur state the regime has adopted a constant airlift program between Khartoum and Elfashir to transport vehicles, troops, ammunition and other military supplies. The ongoing mobilization in Elfashir characterized by enormous numbers of armed forces alongside with janjaweed and Mini faction supported by 150 war machines, military Plaines (Antinovs) and helicopters (Ababil). Thus the government is plotting to carry out an all-out assault on the NRF positions.

We would like to bring into the attention of everybody that, the Khartoum military coterie stroke  by air the villages in the periphery of Kulku using strange type of bombs provoked unidentifiable sort of diseases. There-upon, the AU and the international community are requested to conduct a swift investigation to disclose the fact. In this context, we appeal the international community and Au to augment the pressure on the Khartoum regime and disabuse him from perpetrating more atrocities against vulnerable indigenous in Darfur.

In case any of attack our braves militants swear to teach the Khartoum atrocious regime lessons it will never and ever forget.

Finally we highly appreciate the commendable efforts by the international community, AU, UN, NGOs operating in favor of people of Darfur. We reiterate our full abidance to all agreements signed between us, government of Sudan and AU.




Sudan Justice and Euality Movement office in Darfur


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