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Statement from Commander Ahmed Abdulshafi Bassey of the SLM/A regarding the “All SLM/A Conference”
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Aug 18, 2006 - 10:19:00 PM



Statement from Commander Ahmed Abdulshafi Bassey of the SLM/A regarding the “All SLM/A Conference”


In confirmation to the statement issued by SLM/A’s Field Commanders in Darfur, in which the commanders have relieved Mr. Abdulwahid Mohamed Ahmed Elnur from all his duties as the chairman of the SLM/A, and subsequently, they have delegated me (Commander Ahmed Abdulshafi Bassey) to assume my duties as a Chairman to the SLM/A, I would like to take this opportunity to explain the following:


  • Since its inception, the Movement has gone through so many challenging situations.  During which time, the Chairman of the SLM/A (Mr. Elnur) has not been able to maintain the Movement’s unity, improving its organizational performance, as well as fostering collective efforts within the Movement.  All this has led to divisions and splits within the rankings of the Movement.  These divisions and splits have weakened the movement both politically and militarily.


  • At this juncture, it is no secret that the Movement’s organizational structure constitutes a challenging ordeal to the organization’s leadership.  This challenge has led to relieving Mr. Elnur from his duties as a chairman of the Movement by the Field Commanders.  Subsequently, other political and military leaders have asked that an All SLM/A Conference be convened, as soon as possible, to help overcome these challenges.


  • Our short-term objective is to keep the Movement united, which may, otherwise, adversely affect our goals and objectives.  After consulting with all field commanders, and political leaders, inside Sudan and abroad, I have accepted the recommendations of Commander Abdulgadir Abdulrahman Gadoura (The High Commanding Officer of the SLM/A Forces) to oversee and prepare for the convening of the All SLM/A Conference within forty five (45) days.  It is imperative that the organizational vacuum be filled and we would officially like to announce that we have already started the process of convening such conference which will be held inside the SLM/A’s held territories in Darfur (liberated areas). 


Effective immediately, the following general directives (guidelines) will be worked upon:


  1. A Preparatory Committee will be established to prepare for conducting an all SLM/A general conference;
  2. In order to make sure that all the pieces are in place prior to convening the conference, the Movement will establish a special commission to look into resolving any previous internal conflicts which may have contributed to causing divisions and/or splits within the Movement;  
  3. Since the proposed DPA has not properly addressed the demands of the people of Darfur, the SLM/A stands united and firm behind the people of Darfur until these demands are met;
  4. The SLM/A affirms its commitment to finding a peaceful resolution to the Darfur Conflict.  To that end, the Movement will cooperate with all those who are working diligently to finding a peaceful and comprehensive resolution to the Sudanese conflict in Darfur.  Such cooperation shall include local, regional and international bodies;
  5. The Movement will honor all previously signed agreements with the GoS, especially those related to ceasefire.  In that respect, the Movement condemns all serious ceasefire violations committed by the GoS and its allied militia against the Movement’s forces and the civilian population.  We are appealing to all regional and international institutions to watch closely the deteriorating security situation in the region and to pressurize the GoS to abide by the provisions of the ceasefire agreements.  The SLM/A warns that, its commitment to abide by ceasefire agreements is dependant upon the GoS’s commitment.  


The SLM/A affirms its commitment to stay united.  To that end, and in order to fulfill the demands and aspirations of the people of Darfur, the Movement extends an open invitation to unite all Darfurian parties who have not signed the proposed DPA.  In addition, the SLM/A will continue to work with all other Sudanese political forces to reinforce the bases and standards which are needed to reverse the imbalances embedded in the political, economic, and cultural structure in Sudan.  Such imbalances have been created through an anomaly of marginalization conflicts which ought to be negated with the objective of creating a new Sudan based solely on citizenship rights for all Sudanese, irrespective of any religious, ethnic, linguistic, or cultural backgrounds.


The SLM/A would like to take this opportunity to thank all the countries that have supported us.  Also, we send our gratitude to all relief and humanitarian organizations, and the international community at large, for their relentless support to the victims of the Darfur conflict, including those in IDPs’ and refugee camps.  Reversing the humanitarian and security situation in Darfur is just as important as resolving the root cause of the conflict in the region.


The SLM/A would also like to thank all civil society organizations, human rights organizations which are working in Darfur.  The SLM/A will continue to watch closely the deteriorating humanitarian and security situation in the region, especially the brutal attacks by the GoS forces and the Janjaweed, in addition to the involuntary repatriation and resettlement of IDPs and refugees.  We are appealing to these organizations to mobilize their resources and unveil all crimes that have been committed in the region. 


The Movement would like to thank Comrade. Abdulwahid Elnur for his achievements and his efforts, in addition the Movement would like to commend all its members in and outside of Sudan for their unwavering support to the Movement’s mandate and solid stance.  We hope that, this continuous support will be sustained to make the All SLM/A Conference a success with the goal of helping the Movement to accomplish its goals and objectives in building the New Sudan.








Commander Ahmed Abdulshafi Yagoub Bassey

Chairman Designate

Sudan Liberation Movement/Army

Asmara, Eritrea

Mobile phone: 002917134544

Satellite phone: 008821651131140

Fax: 002911184078

Date: August 18, 2006


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