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Statement SLM South Darfur
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May 30, 2006 - 7:18:00 AM

Statement SLM South Darfur

Nyala May 29th, 2006



The inhabitants of Nyala from different backgrounds led a spontaneous peaceful demonstration on May 29th, 2006, denouncing the poor and incomplete Abuja deal closed between Haskanita group and the regime of the Sudan. The intension of the protestors was to hand over a letter of rejection of the deal to the relevant parties. The letter was signed by various social groups: refugees, women groups, students, lawyers, merchants.


While the protestors were heading to their destination, government security force and their aligned wing, the Janjaweed, attacked the protestors mercilessly. The attack left a huge number of casualties.

4 people were killed, namely:

- Ali Musa Eisa

- Ahmed Mohamed Adam

- Abdalla Ahmed Abdalla

- Ibrahim Ali


The wounded exceeded 70 people and above 150 people were unjustly detained.

SLM warned the Sudanese regime and its janjaweed militias of the consequences of continuing their genocidal method. Despite SLM's genuine commitment to the cease-fire agreement, SLM will not remain idle observing the atrocities being committed against the innocent population. SLM asks for the immediate release of all detainees.


May the souls of the deceased rest in peace



SLM Secretary of information


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