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Special Envoy meets Mustafa Osman Ismail and DoC Signatories
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The AU Special Envoy meets Mustafa Osman Ismail and DoC Signatories


Continuing his working visit to the Sudan, the Special Envoy of the Chairperson of the AU Commission, Dr. Salim Ahmed Salim met today, 30 November, 2006 with the Presidential Advisor Dr. Mustafa Osman Ismail with whom he exchanged views on the way forward to broaden the support for the peace process in Darfur.


The AU Special Envoy described his deliberations with his interlocutor as widening and enriching the consultations he is currently undertaking given the fact that Dr. Ismail was recently the Chief Negotiator in the successful Eastern Peace talks in Asmara.


Earlier today, Dr. Salim had two separate meetings with delegations from the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army(SLM/A), Freewill Faction, Justice and Equality Movement(JEM), Peace Wing Faction, led by their respective leaders Dr. Abdurrahman Musa and Abdurrahman Aburisha, who both were signatories to the Declaration of Commitment(DoC).


During the two meetings, Dr. Salim emphasized the need for all the parties involved in the peace process to enhance cooperation and consultations among themselves to ensure an effective and speedy implementation of the DPA in order to encourage those outside the process to come on board.



30 November, 2006, Khartoum


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