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South Sudan Democratic Front rebuffs Pagan Amum's Statements in Washington
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Oct 4, 2007 - 10:14:50 PM

South Sudan Democratic Front rebuffs Pagan Amum's Statements in Washington

Press Release

The statements made by the SPLM's Secretary General, Mr. Pagan Amum, in the interview he had with the Voice of America (VOA) on Oct. 2nd, 2007, concerning the implementation of the CPA, are malicious, divisive, baseless and constitutionally unfounded. Mr. Amum told American public and the Bush's administration that "Sudan is two countries in one". In modern world systems, there is no such thing as "two countries in one". In the principles of either confederacy or federalism, there can only be two systems in one. Over one hundred and ninety countries in the world, one can hardly find two countries in one as Mr. Pagan Amum wants the world to believe. Constitutionally, there are no two countries in one in Sudan as the SPLM's Secretary General is alleging. What the Interim Constitution of Sudan states is that Sudan is a sovereign and indivisible country recognized under international law, the UN Charter and the African Union (AU).

The allegations stated by Mr. Amum regarding the Government of National Unity (GoNU) in which the SPLM is a major partner, are completely baseless, illogical and are based on personal whims. In regard to political jargons he employed in the interview, there is no political science logic and empirical reasoning that would make his allegations ontological and legally sound.

The position of Pagan Amum calling for the U.S. to exempt South Sudan from American sanctions may be appealing to ordinary Southern Sudanese. However, the move contradicts the position of the SPLM as a party that cares for all Sudanese. It is obvious that the American sanctions have negative impact on South Sudan's economic development. However, Pagan Amum's move to persuade Bush's administration to exempt only the South while the sanctions are still imposed on the North tantamount to racism. If the United States wishes to lift sanctions, it should be the whole of Sudan. It would be unreasonable to lift sanction on one part of the country and leave them on the other. When the U.S. imposed sanctions on Sudan, they included the whole country. Therefore, the position of Pagan Amum that only South Sudan should be exempted is not only racially motivated but also a violation of national sovereignty and the territorial integrity of Sudan.

The South Sudan Democratic Front (SSDF) calls upon the U.S. to lift sanctions throughout Sudan without any quid-pro-quos. The SSDF believes that sanctions do not help the ordinary people and would not resolve the Darfur crisis. The rational way to ameliorate the current crisis in the Sudan is for the U.S. to engage the GoNU directly and to provide Sudan with necessary assurances in resolving conflict in Darfur. If Mr. Amum comprehends international politics, the Bush's administration has no leverage to resolve Darfur crisis because it has taken a confrontational position in dealing with the GoNU.

Prior to his trip to Washington, D.C., Mr. Amum made several allegations in local newspapers that the Government of South Sudan (GoSS) under the SPLM would declare Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) because "the National Congress Party is not implementing the CPA". Although Mr. Amum is known by the journalists as somebody who usually talks under the influence of alcohol (DUI), the proposal for the UDI is extremely dangerous and does interfere with Sudan's national sovereignty and territorial integrity. Furthermore, any attempt from the SPLM for UDI would violate the very essence of the CPA signed in 2005. Any UDI in the South would lead to national disintegration, bloody confrontations and Somali-type power struggle. No reasonable Southerner would indeed accept SPLM's UDI as alleged by Pagan Amum. If the SPLM is a party that encourages the UDI even if it contravenes the Machakos Protocol, then, it is in the wrong course of events. The SSDF will not, under any circumstances, allow Pagan Amum uttering any UDI in the South prior to the outcome of referendum in 2011.

The Sudanese people in general and South Sudanese in particular would agree with us that it is unconstitutional for egoistic individuals within the SPLM to promote UDI. The separation of Sudan will be decided in a referendum by the majority of South Sudanese when they exercise the right of self-determination as stipulated in the Interim Constitution of Sudan. Mr. Amum's whimsical and parochial thinking does not auger well with Sudan's national interest during the interim period. It is undemocratic and illegal for any party in Sudan to abrogate to itself the right to separate the South unilaterally in contravention of the CPA.

The SPLM's doctrine of "two countries in one" is nonexistence anywhere in the world. For instance, the U.S.A. is a federal system with 50 states and territories. If Pagan's doctrine is true in the literature of political science and international law, then, the U.S.A., which is the World's superpower, would be comprised of 50 countries with different constitutions, currencies, foreign policies and defense. Mr. Amum's doctrine seems to reflect the SPLM's guerilla mentality, which does not entertain the politics of peace, tranquility and democracy. This is reflected in the SPLM's failure to transform from rebel movement to a modern political party.

The SPLM's manufactured doctrine is a fake one and lacks credence in international relations and in the concept of state system throughout the world. In the principles of international law, such a doctrine put forth by Pagan Amum is unconstitutional because it violates the very essence of the CPA, Interim Constitution of the Sudan and Interim Constitution of South Sudan. We advise the SPLM to refrain from any negative doctrine or whimsical doctrines that could jeopardize the CPA and its implementation. Therefore, the Chairman of the SPLM, H.E. Salva Kiir Mayardit, should discipline Mr. Amum who speaks out like loose cannon. We presume that the SPLM party should have wisdom to make satisfactory analysis that would promote the SPLM as a national party with responsibility in protecting and preserving the national interest of the Sudan and South Sudan in particular.

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Secretary Ad Interim

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