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Sep 25, 2007 - 8:08:22 AM


Press Release

Equatoria Professionals in Europe (EPE) and Equatoria Solidarity International (ESI)

September, 25, 2007

The Equatorian community worldwide is greatly delighted to hear the transformation of South Sudan Defense Force (SSDF) into a political party. All Equatorian intellectuals warmly welcome the creation of South Sudan Democratic Front (SSDF) as the only party that would liberate the oppressed people of South Sudan from abject poverty and SPLM's corruption.

We fully pledge to throw our support to the new party to liberate the Equatorians from SPLM. Our people are terrorized by the SPLM party to the point where their constitutional rights are not respected. No political party had ever come to the assistance of Euatorian people. We hope that the new party under the leadership of Professor David de Chand would rescue Equatorians from Dinkas' colonialism. Currently, the Bari are subject to constant harassments from SPLA commanders because they reject to give up their land. We believe that Dr. David de Chand would be a Messiah of Equatorians and should therefore liberate them from internal colonialism.

The EPE and ESI call for all Equatorians in the World to support the South Sudan Democratic Front. There is only one way to liberate Greater Equatoria from SPLM's colonialism, i.e., voting out the SPLM party in the coming election. All Equatorians must know that the only way to liberate them from SPLM is to vote against SPLM's candidates in the coming election. People need to liberate themselves from SPLM through the power of voting.

We pray that the God of South Sudan will guide Professor David de Chand and his team to liberate South Sudan from SPLM's colonialism and tribalism. God will guide the new party to take our people to the Promised Land.


For contact

Dr. Luka Odiong , Chair of EPE

Victor Charles Adeba, Spokesman of ESI

Email: [email protected]

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