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SLM Statement on the Perspectives Negotiations
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Jun 19, 2007 - 7:49:22 PM




SLM Statement on the Perspectives Negotiations


DARFUR crisis is complex, it embedded in deep rooted causes and larger issues,

perhaps, require a profound level of attention before scuttling toward any political

negotiations. To make it simple, the crux of the Darfur catastrophe divided into two

interconnected and overlapping parts. First and the most alarming one is the current

human security. There are an immense human destruction such as murder, rape, torture

and massive displacement. Second, the problem of citizenship rights, which in principle,

is the core source of the human turmoil in Darfur and elsewhere in the Sudan . In respect,

there are few political elites holding an obnoxious racial and religious ethos against the

majority of citizens. To solve such difficult dilemma, we should deal with the two parts

of this disaster respectfully.

In deed, peaceful political resolution instate of conflict means is our vital end. Certainly,

we are searching for durable solutions that overcome the suffering of our people and

transform our country into a peaceful democratic state that respect our differences and

endorse the value of equal citizenship rights. However, before pursuing any negotiations

with the Khartoum regime, we should consider some crucial factors. Khartoum regime is

rouge, despotic and brutal regime. The recent history and experience proves its cruelness

and dishonest behavior.

On this view, the rational of this fact is, this tyrannical regime regularly committing

genocide against its own people in Darfur and in various parts of the Sudan , conducting

unwarranted provocation against its neighboring countries and the world; violating

international standards of acceptable behavior by failing to implement a single UN

Security Council Resolutions on Darfur or live up other national and international

treaties. Such behavior seems quite implausible. As in adequate consideration, most of

the world are, somewhat doubt and even more cynical about such strange attitudes. As a

result, we are very anxious, however, any political negotiations with such creepy

behavior will be ineffective, and might even cause further outbreaks of violence, crime

against humanity and genocide. Therefore, it is necessary to state that any genuine

perspective political negotiations with Khartoum brutal-rouge regime, obviously, will

requires a conducive environment, and that should concentrate in practical

implementation of the following:

• Immediate and unconditional cease fire all over Darfur region.

• Immediate humanitarian intervention to stop the ongoing atrocities, prevent

undesirable outcome of more human destructions and implementation of all UN

Security Council Resolutions on Darfur , especially Resolution 1706, the

deployment of UN troops in Darfur , and Resolution 1591, the disarmament of the

Janjaweed and all other Khartoum government militias.

• Open humanitarian corridors in all Darfur region without any preconditions.

• Enforce arms embargo and a non-fly zone all over Darfur region.


• Declare Oil- for -Food Programme, to use oil revenues in exchange for food,

medicine and other humanitarian needs as well as compensations for the victims of

genocide and reconstruction of their region.

• Remove all new settlers from the Darfuri-indigenous lands (Hawakeir).

• Withdrew all Khartoum troops and allied militias from all SLM/A areas and move

back to their areas prior to N’Djamena cease-fire agreement in April 2004.

• Release all political prisoners whom their cases are related to Darfur conflict

These are extremely vital requirements. It is necessary at this point to state that we retreat

our commitment to N’Djamena cease-fire agreement and all UN Security Council

resolutions on Darfur . At the same time we are acting in our people’s interest and we are

vigilant about their security and prosperity. As intuitively, inherited in our core and

indisputable moral merit, we will not let them die or being killed. They should be safe

from any harm, and be able to live in a decent and dignified life. This is not only our

duty; in fact, it is a duty of the international community, states and peace loving

individuals. Thus, it is necessary to put an end to the ongoing genocide, reflect a holistic

concern about the security of people and then we can embark on constructive political

negotiations and reach into perpetual peace that we judge to be just and beneficial.

We conclude with a caveat. Peace will occur precisely with the immense attentions to

security of the people and the resolution of the root causes of the current genocide,

punishment of the perpetrators, readdress the injustice of the past, reconstruct positive

relations among the people, and create new political order that admire the attraction of

our differences, respect human dignity as equal citizens. To make it short, without

genuine commitment, no conclusion of any peace settlement with the Khartoum regime

will consider valid, but it will reserve the material for future conflict and human



Abdulwhaid Mohamed Ahmed Alnur

SLM, Chairman

June 13, 2007


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