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Feb 4, 2007 - 6:51:10 PM


Press Release

Feb, 4, 2007

The issue of the 60 million dollars that President Al Beshir brought to the open as part of his defense against Salva Kiir's complaint of the slow implementation of the CPA is causing personal fights among senior SPLM members in Juba. Our sources in Juba has reported that in reaction to an interview given by Pagan Amum ten days ago, Mr. Arthur Akuen, the GOSS minister of Finance, rebutted Amum’s accusation against him for the lost of the controversial 60 million dollars that Al Beshir said was paid to the SPLM in 2005 on "Akhbar Al Yom" Newspaper of 31st of January.

In his strong statement, Mr. Akuen said he paid Mr. Pagan 48 million dollars which he deposited in his bank account in Kenya and added he has all the documents supporting his statement. Our reporter said that upon reading Akuen's interview in the Newspaper, Mr. Pagan marched to Akuen's office and attempted to fight with him had it not been the intervention of the latter's bodyguards. The situation is tense in Juba as senior SPLM members trade accusations against each other.

In an earlier statement Mr. Pagan the SPLM Secretary General has acknowledged the receipt of 18 million dollars but accused Akuen of absconding with the balance. What is happening in Juba paints a picture reminiscence of the Arabic saying "when two thieves quarrel, the stolen item is revealed”. The 9th Peace Celebrations episode in Juba is becoming a blessing in disguise as many of the stolen public good are being unearthed. More revelations are underway as the assaulters of public property trade accusations.

More revelations about houses bought by SPLM, GOSS, GNU ministers and senior National Security officers in the UK, USA, Australia, and Cuba and elsewhere will be made available. In exposing these, we are not smearing or tainting the names of the SPLM members but rescuing our people's resources from being grabbed and stolen by a few. Since the GOSS President and the GOSS Assembly have failed to impose accountability, the civil society, which is the mouthpiece of the people, can do it on their behalf.


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