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Press Statement from the SLM/A regarding Mr. Konare's remarks while visiting Darfur
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Jun 25, 2006 - 5:56:00 AM

Sudan Liberation Movement/Army


Press Statement regarding Mr. Konareís remarks while visiting Darfur


The continuous struggle of the people of Darfur to realize their right for peace, better life and security, that struggle shall not be subjected to any compromise, political or otherwise.  The African Union has sustained its turn away policy in dealing with the ongoing genocide against the people of Darfur.  Mr. Knoareís remarks while the latter was visiting Darfur, is another example of the AUís refusal to admit its failure in Darfur, both politically and from a security standpoint.  After the people of Darfur and Sudan had rejected the AUís weak proposed DPA, the AU had been left with nothing, but to create more unrest and chaos in Darfur. 


The AUís new initiative to conduct Darfur- Darfur Conference, in line with what the GoS had done in the past, is a classic example of the fact that, the AU has been aligning itself with GoSís policy.  Besides, there are more than 2.5 million internally displaced persons as well as more than 200,000 refugees in neighboring countries who will not take part in this initiative. 


The need for a robust, fully mandated and highly experienced peacekeeping force has been called for by the people of Darfur to put an end to the genocide.  Mr. Konare has completely missed the point when he (Mr. Konare) again, aligned himself and the AU with the GoS by adopting the position of rejecting the deployment of the UN peacekeeping force to replace the weak and depleted AUís forces in Darfur. Given the uncalled for position of Mr. Konare, the SLM/A would like to affirm the following:


ß         The SLM/A stands firm and tall behind the people of Darfur until a peaceful settlement is attained in Darfur and all demands are realized;

ß         The SLM/A appeals to the international community to intervene to stop the genocide by deploying into Darfur a fully mandated UN peacekeeping forces as quickly as possible;

ß         The SLM/A warns that, the GoS and its best allay (the AU) to not hold the lives of the people of Darfur as hostage by not allowing the deployment of the UN peacekeeping force in the region.




Jaffer Monro,

Spokesperson and Press Secretary

Sudan Liberation Movement, Army


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