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Press Release from British Embassy, Khartoum
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Press Release


On 27 August, there was an incident over a parking space in the UNMIS compound involving the British Ambassador's close protection team and UNMIS security guards. Regrettably two UNMIS guards were hurt.


The British Ambassador, Dr. Rosalind Marsden, made the following statement: "I regret this unfortunate incident. I was very sorry to learn that two Sudanese members of the UN guard force were injured and would like to wish them a full and speedy recovery."   


As the UNMIS statement indicates, there are different accounts of the incident that took place on 27 August at the UNMIS compound. The British Embassy co-operated closely with the UN's internal investigation. The British Ambassador and the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General agreed when they met on 31 August that the incident was regrettable.


The British Embassy enjoys excellent relations with UNMIS. We will continue to work closely with our UN colleagues - both Sudanese and international - to support the UN's work in Sudan.



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