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Press Release from United South Sudan Party (USSP)
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Feb 15, 2007 - 8:53:23 PM

Press Release


United South Sudan Party (USSP)


Date: 14th February 2007 .


Honourable Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,


We are honoured by your presence on this important and historic day of the birth of our party, the United South Sudan Party. The United South Sudan Party (USSP) is a Political organization which was formed in the United Kingdom in 2005,by concerned South Sudanese, who's vision is to provide a forum through which the people of South Sudan can realise their political aspiration, social justice and economic development.


The founders of United South Sudan Party (USSP) were motivated to act due to the alienation of the people of South Sudan over the years.


This alienation came about as a result of the invasion of South Sudan about 1820, which was exacerbated when the British left the Sudan in 1956. From then on, the south never experienced any peace until 1972, when the Addis Ababa Peace Accord was signed. Thereafter, a relative peace prevailed until 1983.


It is important to note that although there was peace for those 10 years, the administration in the south was constantly interfered with, and was not allowed to develop on it's own. As a result, in 1983, another war started, led by SPLM/A in which they articulated the voice of the marginalized people of the Sudan . This struggle ended with the Naivasha Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) signed 9 January 2005 , between the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) and the National Congress Party (NCP). This agreement heralded a new atmosphere of peace and democracy in which all the people of the Sudan are invited to participate.


The USSP is wholly committed to the CPA, and it will do everything within it's power to promote it. In consequence to this commitment, the United South Sudan Party was founded.


The USSP is committed to recognizing and valuing the diverse identities and experiences of the people of the Sudan . It is from these experiences in our country, the Sudan  that the USSP draws its main objective (s) to a lasting solution to the problems of the Sudan through peaceful separation between north and south. This is important because we believe that the history of our traumatized country, the Sudan , is completely incompatible with the concept of  "United Sudan ".  While the USSP accepts the principle of giving "unity a chance", it also unreservedly supports the fundamental human right of the people of  South Sudan to determine their political future as is stipulated in the CPA.


This party unequivocally rejects the use of force, intimidation and violence as a means to achieving political objectives in a democratic society. Furthermore, it rejects all forms of corruption in political and public life, as well as tribalism.


We are pleased to announce that the USSP stands for dynamic, accountable and transparent governance at local, national and international levels. USSP will endeavour to establish structures that promote good governance in South Sudan and to address the root causes of poverty, diseases, tribalism and under development in South Sudan .


USSP's vision is of a free and democratic South Sudan at ease with itself, contributing: to sustainable development in the south; solidarity and mutual respect among peoples of the world; to eradication of poverty; emancipation of women and to the protection of children's rights as stipulated in the international instruments.  


We therefore invite all those who hold the principles mentioned above dear to their hearts to join this party and contribute towards the realization of peace, justice and freedom in this part of the world.


We are very optimistic that the future of South Sudan is bright and we wish all our fellow South Sudanese to be part of that future.


Thank you very much.


Clement Mbugoniwia

Party Leader



TEL/FAX: +46 520 13081       
MOB: +46 704 408981

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