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Press Release: Horn of Africa Painters, Hassaan Ali, El Tayeb Dawalbait & Ermias Ekube to Hold Joint Art Exhibition at The Gallery (Asmara, Eritrea)
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Jan 13, 2009 - 9:06:03 AM

Horn of Africa Painters, Hassaan Ali, El Tayeb Dawalbait & Ermias Ekube to Hold Joint Art Exhibition at The Gallery



Asmara, January 9, 2009 – The Peacebuilding Centre for the Horn of Africa (PCHA) is launching a joint art exhibition by internationally renowned Sudanese artists, Hassaan Ali (based in Cairo, Egypt), El Tayeb Dawalbait (based in Nairobi, Kenya), and Eritrean artist Ermias Ekube at The Gallery, from 13  to 19 January, 2009. The opening ceremony for the exhibition by the three painters will be held at The Gallery on Monday, January 12th at 6:00 p.m. to which Eritrean officials, members of the diplomatic corps, members of Asmara’s art community and other friends of the Centre are invited. The exhibition as well as the workshop is co-sponsored by the Embassy of the United States of America, Asmara and PCHA.



Hassaan Ali is award-winning painter based in Cairo who has had numerous solo and joint art exhibitions across the globe. El Tayeb Dawalbait is based in Nairobi, Kenya, and has exhibited worldwide. He is also acclaimed textile designer and his work includes designs for fashion houses in Italy. Ermias Ekube, Eritrean artist based in Asmara, has also exhibited internationally and has taught at Asmara Art School.



The theme for the exhibition is “Painting With and Without Brushes”. Hassaan Ali and El Tayeb Dawalbait will also conduct a week-long art workshop for 37 young Eritrean artists at Cinema Odeon from January 14 to 24. The workshop participants’ final art production and certificate awarding ceremony will be held at the Gallery on January 24th (details to be forthcoming). Use of the art workshop venue is contributed by the Cultural Affairs Bureau (PFDJ).


Both Hassaan and El Tayeb are long-time friends of Eritrea since the days of liberation struggle. Artist Hassaan Ali had previously exhibited in Eritrea: 1991 at the Department of Culture, 1997 at the Alliance Française, and 2005 at the
Arrag Art Gallery of Massawa. Hassaan’s last art exhibition in Eritrea, sponsored by the Peacebuilding Center, was at The Gallery in February of 2007. Hassaan had also conducted during that time a week-long art workshop to a select group of young Eritrean artists.



For further information please contact PCHA at 127630 or The Gallery at 126479 .




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