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Press Release From SPLM-USA
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Dec 5, 2007 - 4:41:25 AM

          December 04th 2007.

                                                Press Release
  SPLM Chapters in USA Support the decision taken by SPLM Chairman to Remove Aleu Ayieny and Telar Deng from SPLM membership.
We the undersigned Leaders of all SPLM Chapters in The United States of American do affirm and stand unified and in full support of H.E Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit First Vice President of The Republic of Sudan, President of The Government of Southern Sudan, Commander in Chief of SPLA and Chairman of SPLM in removing Mr. Telar Deng, former State Minister at the Presidency and newly appointed Minister of State at the Ministry of Justice and Mr. Aleu Ayieny Aleu former State Minister for the Interior from SPLM Membership permanently.
We strongly appeal to all committed SPLM Members all over the World to voice their support to H.E Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit, Chairman of SPLM Party in taking the right and courageous decision of discipline which holds SPLM Members to the highest standards of accountability irrespective of their hierarchy within The SPLM Party. Any SPLM member in any part of the World must be accountable to his or her actions in the context of a well organized political Party of which SPLM is becoming. It is critical to hold every SPLM Member accountable to high ethical standards, code of Conduct and complete adherence to rules and regulations of the SPLM Party.
We, in the SPLM, are engaged in Nation-building which is not an easy task therefore, we must equip ourselves with the necessary political, social and economic capital to meet the challenges of the twenty first century. In a democracy, a government is legitimate via the voices of the people and also a government governs by the consent of the governed. We must build an informed and an educated society to be able to make informed decisions. There must be consequences for any unacceptable behavior within our Party.
In conclusion, we SPLM Leaders in The United States do strongly support H.E Salva Kiir Mayardit, Chairman of SPLM Party to proceed with confidence, leadership to take firm decisions in dealing with any issue that tends to disrupt, confuse, undermine and destroy our people’s Unity within SPLM and also deal with active SPLM individuals who are still issuing statements or engaged in unacceptable behaviors that undermine SPLM Party’s viability. Gone are the days of corrupt politics where by Government officials operate, maneuver as well as issue statements without accountability to their actions. In a democracy nobody should be above the law, equally we are saying no one is above SPLM to whom all SPLM Members are accountable. The bar of accountability has been established therefore let us prevent any deviation.
 SPLM Chapters Leaders in the United States below have jointly endorsed this Press Release.
01.   Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth – SPLM Representative to the USA
02.   Peter Lam Thot – Chairperson, SPLM Chapter- California—SPLM Chapters West Coast Coordinator.
03.   Joseph Chol – Chairperson, SPLM Chapter-Florida, SPLM Chapters Southern Regional Coordinator.
04.   Reat Nhial Tuany – Chairperson, SPLM Chapter- New York-SPLM Chapters East Coast Coordinator.
05.   Kenneth Elisapana-Chairpers on, SPLM Chapter- Illinois, SPLM Chapters Midwest Coordinator.
06.   Mun Nam Koak—Chairperson, SPLM Chapter—Iowa.
07.    Deng Deng Nhial – Chairperson, SPLM Chapter- Washington DC Metro Area
08.   Daniel Deng Mayan – Chairperson, SPLM Chapter – Minnesota.
09.    Edward Laboke – Chairperson, SPLM Chapter- Maine, D/Coordinator East Coast.
10.   Makur Geng – Acting Chairperson, SPLM Chapter-South Dakota
11.   Abuk Makuac- Southern Representative of the SPLM Women’s League
12.   Mangok Mangok Mayen- Chairperson, SPLM Chapter-Mississippi .
13.   Lual Riak Adiem – Chairperson, SPLM Chapter-Arizona
14.   Mary Wani- Midwest Representative of the SPLM Women’s League
15.   Peter Makuoth Won – Chairperson, SPLM Chapter – Texas
16.   Makoi Paul – Chairperson, SPLM Chapter- Indiana
17.   Isaac K. Gang- Secretary General, SPLM Southern Regional Council
18.   Makoi Wol Manuer- Chairperson, SPLM Chapter- Michigan
19.   Akok Madut- Chairperson, SPLM Chapter- Missouri
20.   Mayol Aroman – Chairperson, SPLM Chapter- New Hampshire
21.    Elizabeth Benjamin Ajongo-Acting Chairperson, SPLM Chapter-Nebraska
22.    Dut Mangar Malek- Chairperson, SPLM Chapter-Connecticut
23.    Philip Ruach Chan-Chairperson, SPLM Chapter- Georgia
24.   Solomon Kabolla- Chairperson, SPLM Chapter-North & South Carolina
25.    Miaj Riek- Chairperson, SPLM Chapter- Wisconsin
26.   Emmanuel Mayen- Chairperson, SPLM Chapter-New Jersey
27.   Nyuol Nyuol – Chairperson, SPLM Chapter – Utah
28.   Machar Wek Aleu – Chairperson, SPLM Chapter – Oregon
29.    Ujulu Ugala – Chairperson, SPLM Chapter – Washington
30.   Helen Abyei – Chairperson, SPLM Chapter – Colorado.
31.   Diany Deng, Chairperson, SPLM Chapter— Alabama
32.   Deng Chol Mourter, Chairperson, SPLM Chapter— Tennessee
33.   Tok Mach, Chairperson, SPLM - Pennsylvanian

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