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Press Release- Darfur Peace & Development Org.
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Oct 25, 2006 - 11:33:00 PM






Darfur Peace & Development Organization

Promoting Peace, Justice, and Sustainable Development


For Immediate Release:


Suliman Giddo

(260) 580-6966                                                                                               24 October 2006

[email protected]



Since the Darfur crisis erupted in 2003, the Government of Sudan, the perpetrator of genocide, has been concealing crimes they and their proxy militia have committed against the people of Darfur
The international community has adopted several resolutions for deploying peacekeeping forces to Darfur, however Sudan's ruling party shaped the mandate and the mission of the African Union Forces in its favor. 
The government continues to oppose all efforts to resolved the Darfur crisis, with the intention to continue criminal activity to achieve its goals, its so-called "civilization projects" that were planned nearly two decades ago. 
All people in Darfur are counting on the United Nations for protection and advocacy on their behalf. The UN Secretary General's Special Representative in Sudan, Mr. Jan Pronk has been expelled from the country. The regime has thus deprived the international community of a dependable communications link. 
US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice stated clearly to the government of Sudan: cooperate or face confrontation. Unfortunately, Sudan's regime has chosen confrontation with the United Nations, the very organization that provides many kinds of support for the Darfur people. 
Darfur Peace and Development condemns this unwise behavior of the Government of Sudan. 
The United Nations now has no choice but to lift its will and exert its power against Sudan's government -- including economic embargoes and targeted sanctions against Sudanese leaders. United Nation must send troops to Darfur
And the people of Darfur are again caught in the crossfire









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