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PRESS STATEMENT on the Demonstrations in IDP Camps in Darfur
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May 10, 2006 - 1:05:00 PM













 on the Demonstrations in IDP Camps in Darfur



            The Special Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission in the Sudan, Ambassador Baba Gana Kingibe expresses deep shock and sadness over the lynching to death of an AU Language Assistant, following an attack against an AU Civilian Police Station by internally displaced persons in their Camp at Kalma in south Darfur.  The incident, which seemed to have been orchestrated to coincide with the visit of Mr. Jan Egeland, UN Under Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs, who was himself under threat of physical harm, took place on 8th May 2006.


            The Special Representative and indeed the entire leadership of the African Union are deeply concerned about the spate of violent demonstrations by the IDPs in Darfur, particularly the ones that took place in Kalma and Hassahissa where, in addition to human casualties, a number of AMIS vehicles and other properties were either burnt, damaged or vandalized.


            While recognizing the immeasurable hardship daily experienced by the IDPs, particularly their frustration and anger in the face of dwindling humanitarian assistance, the kind of lawlessness and destructiveness the IDPs exhibited against the very people that are working hard to alleviate their suffering and plight cannot be justified.  These developments, coupled with recent reports of violent clashes between the parties to the conflict as well as the rampage by the Janjaweed in Labado where no less than ten civilians were killed and thirty three (33) injured, could undermine the commitment of the vast majority of the people of Darfur to the peace process.  It could also undermine the supportive efforts by the international community at this critical time as we plan the implementation of the Darfur peace agreement.


            The Special Representative strongly condemns these regrettable acts and requests the Umdahs and other local authorities as well as the parties who are now committed to peace to assume their responsibility and re-establish law and order to allow humanitarian workers and the AMIS to continue to render assistance to the needy.  All concerned should exercise restraint and desist from all acts of provocation in the interest of lasting peace in Darfur.


            On behalf of the African Union Commission and the entire staff of AMIS, the Special Representative wishes to express his heartfelt condolences to the family of the late AMIS Language Assistant Ahmed Defala and prays Allah (SWT) to grant his soul peaceful repose.


Khartoum, 10 May 2006

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