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NRF Welcomes Appointment of Natsios
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Sep 24, 2006 - 12:46:00 AM

The National Redemption Front (NRF)




NRF Welcomes Appointment of Natsios


The NRF welcomes the appointment of Mr Andrew S. Natsios as the  Special Envoy of President of the US for Sudan.  The NRF congratulates Mr Natsios for his appointment and pledges its support to see him succeed in his new portfolio and bring just peace to Darfur.  With firm optimism, the NRF’s engagement with Mr. Natsios will be guided by the following principles: 


1.     The NRF takes Darfur crisis as essentially political and can only be addressed through political means.

2.     The DPA has demonstrated its failure.  The NRF is ready to work with other stakeholders with a view to revising it and making it acceptable to the people of Darfur

3.     The NRF is ready to meet with Mr. Natsios or his staff in order to explore with him how to move forward and bring and end to the suffering of the people of Darfur.

4.     The NRF is ready to meet with the government of Sudan at any mutually agreed time and location.

5.     The NRF understands the urgency of the task at hand and is ready to act accordingly.

6.     The NRF is committed to all pre-DPA agreements and protocols that Darfur Movements have signed with the Government of Sudan


The NRF reiterates its good wishes for Mr Natsios in his new appointment and welcomes any signal for resumption of US initiatives in Darfur.



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