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Oct 27, 2007 - 9:08:04 AM



Press Release


SPLM/A Veterans Against Corruption and Nepotism



It is now very clear that Pagan and his cohorts are not fighting for the South. Their hidden agenda is exposed every time they opened their big mouths. The present standoff between the SPLM and the NCP started as Paganís tactical move to oust Dr. Lam from the Foreign Ministry. As a cover up, Pagan and his cohorts added a list of other conditions that the group knew very well can not be resolved by decrees. The Abiey protocol stipulates clearly how the problem of Abiey is to be resolved. But even so should the blood of Southerners be spilt because of Abiey that Deng Majok, Deng Alor and Dr. Luka Biongís grandpa sold to the Messeirriya Arabs hundreds of years ago? This time round no Southerner will be fooled into fighting proxy wars. They have learnt enough and want to live their remaining lives in peace and not in pieces. Let Pagan and Yasser Arman and their in laws fight their own war of liberation.


Pagan and Yasser and their cohorts talk about democratic transformation of the Sudan . Why does he not first start democratic transformation in the South and specifically within the SPLM? Is the SPLM now democratic where everything is by appointment where you can not have any free democratic and constructive debate on issues? Is there any freedom in the South now when Paganís party, the SPLM, is wooing everybody to join them thereby frustrating the principle of multi-partism and encouraging one party dictatorship?


Pagan and his cohorts talk as if they own the South and everything in it including humans. They assume they can take Southerners to war when they like and make peace when they feel like. This play with our lives will not happen again I assure you comrade Pagan. We have seen how orphans, wounded heroes and widows are suffering. This is despite the theft of millions of dollars from the GOSS and SPLM treasuries. Let us make this very clear to you Pagan and your cohorts that the decision to resume war can not be made without the consent of all stakeholders. In the event of war there will be no return to what you think and hope to gain. We know the situation of the last war is what made you and others what you are today. But we assure you things will be different this time around.


Your tactics of ousting Kiir are almost succeeding because he does not see what you are hiding beneath. But be sure that if any blood of a Southerner is spilt again as a result of your selfishness and ambition, you and your supporters shall be cursed forever as a person who has brought suffering and destruction to his people. Southerners will not go to war because of your ambitions. They will not go to war to reclaim your in-laws land Abiey and they will go to war because of your so-called democratic transformation. They will go to war because your mentor, Mansour Khalid, did not become the foreign minister and they will go to war because your ďwarrumbaiĒ was not appointed a presidential advisor.


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