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Joint Statement of Darfur Leaders Abstaining from Signing on Abuja
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Jun 9, 2006 - 8:03:00 AM

Joint Statement of Darfur Leaders Abstaining from Signing on Abuja


  • Aware of the failed inter-Sudanese peace talks in Abuja;
  • Conscious of the need to assess the afore mentioned process and lessons drawn from it;
  • Confirming  urgency of joining political, diplomatic, military and media  activities;
  • Determined to successfully mange the resulting challenges;
  • Mindful of the international drive underlined by the UN Security Council meetings with the Government of Sudan(GOS) and the African Unions (AU);


Leaders of political and military organizations abstaining from signing the Abuja document met in Asmara on June 7.2006; and noted that:-

    1. The international community, that extends generous humanitarian assistance to war victims, has in its search for a quick fix to the crisis turned  to intimidation, threats as well as divide and conquer techniques. Such approaches can never bring about lasting peace in Darfur or the Sudan. Accordingly, we remain skeptical of the ongoing international efforts to rescue the failed accord. Engage GOS and AU. Therefore we urge the international community to reconsider its flawed consultations before embarking on another risky undertaking which may have dire consequences.
    2. We salute the steadfastness. Consciousness and unity of Darfur communities in their refugee and displaced camps, their various youth, women and student organizations as well as those elsewhere in Sudan or exile. We are inspired by their unqualified rejection of half-baked measures and will depend on their continued support.
    3. We reassure all Sudanese that the crisis in indivisible and that Abuja merely reproduces old divisive and partial solutions that cannot bring peace to Darfur or Sudan, and is therefore insupportable. This realization is reinforced by the unceasing protest marches of refugees and displaced masses, women, student bodies in the streets of the capital and other cities of Sudan as well as those in Diaspora. Consequently we call upon the entire Sudanese nation now, more than any time in the past, to show their solidarity with Darfurians in their struggle for their natural and God-given rights. Restoring civil liberties constitutes a victory for the unity, stability and peace for the entire Sudanese nation.
    4.  GOS is fully aware that what has taken place in Abuja is rejected by all armed (and yet unarmed) political forces along with the broad masses of Darfur in their refugee and displaced camps, their civil society organizations across Sudan and exile. The government is conscious of the fact that its gains in Abuja are narrowly circumscribed and partisan. Therefore that achievement remains transient and by no means represents a strategic victory for the country or its interest. On the contrary the Abuja document is a national threat to the peace and stability on all Sudanese. By virtue of its monopoly over political power, GOS, before the international community or any other actors, is responsible for the present situation, and for that reason it should reconsider its position or risk missing this opportunity.
    5. We are aware of the untold pressures exerted on the sole signatory to Abuja who must row deal with the rage of Darfurians , fighters in the field, refugees, displaced, women and youth throughout Sudan and abroad. He is required to reconcile with his limitations and real standing within Darfur and not allow himself to become an instrument for death destruction.
    6. Finally. We appeal to all States. International and Regional Organisations concerned with peace in the Sudan to take note of our stated position and redouble their efforts before this opportunity is lost.



Glory to our Martyrs in the field and civilian communities.

Victory to a just, secure, democratic and united Sudan.



Leaders of Darfur political and military organizations:-


Ahmed Ibrahim Diraige ………………..                      Khalil Ibrahim Mohamed …………

Abdelwahid Mohamed Nour……………….   Khamis Abdalla Abaker …………..

Sharief Harir …………………..


Asmara: June7, 2006.

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