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JEM Controls Azerni Town, West Darfur
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Jan 10, 2008 - 8:11:42 AM


The Sudan Justice and Equality Movement (JEM)

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JEM Controls Azerni Town , West Darfur

A Military Statement


10/01/2008: JEM forces took complete control over the town of Azerni, yesterday, January 10ths.   Azerni lies 12k north east of Geneina, Capital of the State of Western Darfur .


At a different level, and according to a reliable source, GoS has now hired hit squads to assassinate Dr. Khalil Ibrahim, President JEM.   This development follows three other attempts foiled by JEM with unnecessary loss of lives.


Two days ago, Sudan ís army attacked a UN Convoy near Tina.   Sudanís motive behind this attack was laid bare when their Envoy to the UN,  Mr. Abdel Mahomoud tried to implicate JEM in it.   The attack took place in an area which is entirely under control of Government army.   Some army soldiers have already confessed that they have carried out the attack and were acting under instructions of their superiors.   The implication of GoS in this attack is now beyond doubt and JEM denounces this evil act in clear and no uncertain terms.



Long live our struggle for justice and equality



General Abdel Rahim Chilloy Gonaitti

Deputy Chief Commander of JEM

Darfur Sector




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