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Diaspora Confederation of Nuer's Press Release 001
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May 16, 2008 - 11:13:13 AM

Diaspora Confederation of Nuer's Press Release 001

             ( DCN Press Office)





the two factions that came together as a result of Nairobi merger of 2001 under the common name SPLM/A should both share power equally without any discrimination against one another. It should be noted that Dr. Riek joined the SPLM/A as an independent head of his own movement and in merger with the movement of Dr. John Garang which is headed by Salva Kiir. Salva should know that democratisation is not at its peak now in South Sudan since all are struggling against a common threat, the NCP. Conspiring against Dr. Riek wouldn't heal the situation as they have roughly calculated it to fit their own adjustment. Dr. Riek is not just a mere SPLM/A member that can be conspire against without good reason because his organisation which exists within the SPLM/A would consider it a humiliation against them. It should be noted that without the Nairobi merger between Dr. Riek and Dr. Garang, there would be no CPA or the current GoSS. As Dr. John proposed a model of confederate states in Sudan few days before his return back to our father, God, it would be proposed that Nuerland should exist as an independent confederate state but in union with Juba, the capital city of South Sudan. All Naath should come together wherever they are to recognize their presence as Naath and Sudanese. They need to solve the problems of their land, its disputes, economies, civil matters and so forth. The reason why wealth is not evenly distributed equally to build bridges, hospitals, schools, malls and shopping centres in Nuerland is a result of this lack of union among Nuer leaders to form a United Nuerland for life. Nuer have been divided, turned against one another, and have been cheated upon most of the times so that they are silenced in matters of leadership. Nuer should come terms within their communities to solve this problems. Now that Juba is not stable enough, Nuer should discuss the budget of Nuerland with Khartoum directly because most of the oil wealth comes from Nuerland and it is for Nuerland. Nuer are only rich people in South Sudan as a result of mineral riches that are found in their land but they don't focus much on this importance aspect of their land. All other Nuer factions should learn how to distance themselves and side with Khartoum only during this time of turmoil in Juba where Dr. Riek is being humiliated as to give way for more corruption to rise plus torturing and discrimination of local people. Naath should learn how to re-arm themselves again after disarmament which was done by SPLM/A so that their land is occupied by Murle so that it is lay in waste or occupied by another strange tribe to make use of its riches and minerals. Nuerland is like the size of Rwanda if not bigger that, therefore, no body out of his/her empty minded can play with Naath. Naath are very patience, they only give it sometimes before getting to roots of problems. Naath should approach Khartoum regarding this matter immediately and should retain their former original ways because the new artificial way has become invalid. Naath should forget about Juba for a while, Naath should forget the post of GoSS, instead they should only focus on their affairs. Naath should remain affiliated to Khartoum and should be registered as a confederate Nuer state of Naath within Sudan. If Khartoum has demonstrated failures, then Naath should strive by all meams possible to get achieved. Naath don't get easily exhausted or give or surrender. We encourage all the factions of Nuer to continue to operate independently and should only respect Khartoum during this time that Juba has become a threat a threat to Naath. Juba is against all the intellectual of Naath community. Naathland ranges from Bentiu to Gajaak. Nuerland should have its own defence forces which are well armed and capable of retaliating against transgressors of Nuerland. It is a land that is unique and authentic and harmonised as the culture of its inhabitant, the Nuer-Naath. If Salva does not recognise Naath, let him consider that Naath have withdrawn all their sense of harmony and union with him. I hope all the intelligence Naath have began dialoguing with Khartoum right now. Naath shoud form a commission of defence of their land which is internationally recognised and granted a charter to operate by Khartoum and should at the same time be recognised as aan equal partner of Khartoum. All the Nuer who are in different places with Sudan should go back to Nuerland for a convention to be held there very soon. Diaspora Naath should help to do anything including logistical support. Nuer leaders should reconcile among themselves too, they learn or be bound to live in peace with their neighbours, i.e, Collo, Anuak, Dinka, Burun (Chai), Murle and all others.















To:                              Dr. Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon, former C-in-C of SSIM/A, and Vice President of SS in Juba





Dear Dr. Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon,



I'm a member of Sudanese Nuer in Diaspora and the head of Diaspora Confederation of Nuerland (DCN). DCN is not a faction or a liberation movement but it exists as a reconciliatory organ among the Nuer in Diaspora and back home. Its offices exist all over Nuerland in grassroot levels and its partners are all the different factions in Nuerland, youth organisations, women,elderly, churches, academics, children. DCN is also partnering with Khartoum to bring change to Nuerland through awareness campaigns suited to improve life, cooperation and unity among the Nuer or Naath of Sudan and their immediate affairs. As a head of this organisation, I would assert that it owes its allegiance, honour and respect to you for the great contribution you have in South, Sudan as whole and significantly among the Nuer or Naath.


Secondly, I'm reminding you that it should be the right time for you to focus on those affairs that are aimed to bring immediate development to Nuerland, i,e, reconciling with those leaders who were with you in the past. We the Board of Directors of DCN have decided that it would be good to conduct a reconciliatory conference among you the leaders of Nuer. You, Daniel Koat, Gatluak Deng, David de Chand, Dak Duop Bichok, Gordon Koang Chuol, Bol Kong, Dr. Riek Gai, Bichok Wan Kot, One of William Nyuon's sons, Chiefs, elders and priests should come together to reconcile your differences before pursuing your vision for the South or Sudan as whole. I blame you that Nuer were diasrmed purposely and with intentions occupation of their land by other people. Nuer need to have equipments for self-defence. Gajaakland has become a hell as a result of this, Nuer in Wanding are also in desperate condition, Nuer of Bentiu, Fangak, Ayod, Nasir, Jekou, Ulang, Longechuk are all abandoned in one way or another and you did not say anything about it. Where were you? sleeping or not?.


Please think critically during this time that thing are going the contrary. My email is [email protected] and you should be able to contact me regarding this aspect.



Urban T Kir is the head of DCN.He can be reached at;                                                                              [email protected]






NB:   Your Excellency, Omar Al Bashir, the President of the republic of the Sudan and Dr. Riek Gai Kok are also urged to think critically about all the issues of Nuerland and to contact me as soon as possible regarding this matter.


[email protected]

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