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Abdelshafi Bassey of the SLM meets Natsios in Chad
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Jan 20, 2007 - 9:20:00 AM

Sudan Liberation Movement/Army

Press Release
Abdelshafi Bassey of the SLM meets Natsios in Chad,
SLMís Chairman Designate, Commander Ahmed Abdelshafi, met today in Abeche, Chad with the US Special Envoy for Sudan, Mr. Andrew Natsios.  The meeting discussed the recommendations of the Addis Ababa meeting (held in November, 2006) with regard to finding a political solution to the Sudanese Conflict on Darfur.  Mr. Natsios has indicated that, the newly appointed UN Special Envoy for Sudan will act as a co-mediator, together with the AU on any future peace talks between the holdout groups and the GoS. 
Both Mr. Natsios and Commander Abdeshafi have agreed to work together to finding a peaceful settlement to the Darfur conflict.  Commander Abdeshafi, however, has indicated to Mr. Natsios, the need to conclude the current SLM program with regard to unifying all SLM factions prior to engaging in any future peace talks with the GoS. Commander Abdelshafi has also reaffirmed the SLMís unwavering support to the deployment of robust UN peacekeeping forces into Darfur as quickly as possible.  At the end of the meeting; Commander Abdelshafi, extended his gratitude to President Bush and the American people for their support to the people of Darfur.
The meeting between Commander Abdelshafi and Mr. Natsios was part of the American Administrationís initiative to contact the leaders of the non-signatories to the DPA. 
Jaffer Monro, Spokesman
Sudan Liberation Movement
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