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                       AMIS FHQ WEEKLY NEWS



 End of Mission of the Senegalese, Malagasy and Mauritian CIVPOL



The CIVPOL Contingents from Senegal, Madagascar and Mauritania completed their mission in Darfur.  They were a total of 73, who received medal and certificates in honour of their service to AMIS.


The ceremony took place on Tuesday, 14 September 2006, and was graced by Ambassador Hassan A. Gibril, Deputy Head of Mission.


In his farewell statement, Ambassador Hassan congratulated the contingents for their individual and collective contribution to the African Union efforts and that of AMIS in the search for lasting peace in Darfur.


This appreciated quantitative and qualitative contribution was amplified by the efforts exerted by one and all in the operational sectors of AMIS in addressing the security situation of the vulnerable populations in Darfur.


It is for this reason that Ambassador Hassan transmitted on behalf of the African Union and its Mission in Sudan, his admiration for the work accomplished with responsibility, perseverance, courage and honour.  He wished all a pleasant return home and luck in their future endeavours.




      The Office of the Abuja Peace Agreement Inaugurated in El Fasher


The office in El Fasher for the popularization and the implementation of the Darfur Peace Agreement was officially inaugurated on Sunday, 17 September 2006 by the Deputy Head of Mission, Ambassador Hassan A. Gibril. The inauguration which takes place about a month after the inauguration of the same office in Khartoum was graced by the presence of the North Darfur Humanitarian Minister, the Deputy Force Commander, the Vice chairman of the CFC, the Deputy of Civilian Police Commissioner, the Representatives of US Embassy, SLA (Minni faction), signatory of the DPA and JEM, signatory of the DOC.


On this memorable occasion Ambassador Hassan Gibril, took this opportunity to enlighten those who unfortunately discredit the Abuja Accord that this is a compromise document that will bring an end to the suffering of the Darfurian population.


The negative campaigns on the Accord, pointed out Ambassador Gibril, necessitated the establishment of the Implementation office in El Fasher.  Hence, it will give correct information to the population about the provisions of the Accord and enable the larger population to have a better understanding of  the process.   


Ambassador Hassan then requested those that have not signed the agreement to reconsider their radical position. He thanked the donor community and particularly the United States for the opening and equipping of the two offices which are now a reality.


                   Visit by the Swedish Ambassador to Darfur


The Ambassador of Sweden to Sudan and Ethiopia who is resident in Addis Ababa paid a working visit to Darfur from 14 – 16 September 2006.


His Excellency Staffan Tilander accompanied by his Military Attaché a courtesy call to Ambassador Hassan Gibril.  Explaining the purpose of his visit the Swedish Ambassador, who made a similar visit about six months ago, said he came to see for himself the situation on the ground.


‘This is a very difficult period and this is why I came to reaffirm the support of my country and that of the European Community to AMIS for its remarkable work’.  This gratification has motivated Sweden, as well as Mr. Tilander, to augment its cooperation with the African Union and AMIS in particular.


Ambassador Gibril applauded the support of Sweden especially its contribution to the medical and logistical avenues.


After the meeting Ambassador Tilander received a detailed military, security and humanitarian briefing on the current situation in the region.


He held successive meetings with the Deputy Force Commander, the Vice Chairman of CFC, CIVPOL Commissioner, and Chief JLOC before visiting ZamZam IDP camp.



Visit to El Fasher by the Commandant of the Botswana Defence Forces


The Commander and Chief of the Botswana Defence Forces visited the AMIS Force Headquarters on Wednesday, 13 September.  


Prior to his call on Ambassador Hassan Gibril, Lieutenant General Louis M. Fisher, had an expose on the military and humanitarian situation prevailing in Darfur, and how this impinges on the activities of AMIS and the future of the Mission in view of the impending meeting of the Peace and Security Council to be held at ministerial level in New York.


General Fisher held discussions with the Botswana Military Observers deployed in Darfur who had assembled in El Fasher for this occasion.  He concluded his stay by visiting ZAm ZAm IDP camp.


                                                                                MOUSSA HAMANI ALZOUMA
                                                                                 NFORMATION OFFICER
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