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Sudanese Journalists Union Issues Statement in Support of Al-Zaidi
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Dec 18, 2008 - 3:09:11 PM

Sudanese Journalists Union Issues Statement in Support of Al-Zaidi
Posted on Wednesday, December 17 @ 00:05:00 GMT by

  Khartoum SUNA
The General Association of Sudanese Journalists affirmed that the act of the Iraqi journalist Muntazar Al-Zaidi reflects the journalist's interaction and fervent concern with the issues of his nation and people as well as his vehement rejection of the occupation his country has been subjected to.

A statement issued by the Association pushed for the release of the journalist and loaded the Iraqi government with responsibility for any harm the detained journalist comes to.

The statement went on to denounce as unacceptable custody over Iraq which it described as an Arab state with deep-rooted history and heritage, adding that Bush's visit comes within the series of insults and targeting that the whole region is exposed to. The statement further avowed solidarity of the Sudanese Journalists Association with Al-Zaidi who manifested courage and drew attention anew to the injustice inflicted upon Iraq and its people.

Meanwhile, Aisha Muammar Kaddafi, chairperson of I'tasimo charity society, awarded the Iraqi journalist the badge of courage and called on the Iraqi government to do the same. She in addition enjoined all rights and press organizations to support Al-Zaidi by pressuring the Iraqi government into releasing him immediately without charging him or handing him over to the American government.

The Iraqi journalist Muntazar Al-Zaid had thrown a pair of shoes at President Bush in Baghdad during a press conference held by Bush and the Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki. 

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