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Sudanese Businessmen Federation launches aid convoy to North Darfur
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Dec 7, 2008 - 9:43:59 AM

Sudanese Businessmen Federation launches aid convoy to North Darfur


Khartoum, Dec. 6 (SUNA) - The Sudanese Businessmen Federation launched Saturday humanitarian aid convoy to North Darfur State in the context of the national efforts for the voluntary return programme. Minister of Finance and National Economy and chairman of the higher committee for supporting Darfur Dr. Awad Ahmed Al-Jaz, who saw off the convoy at the premises of the Sudanese Businessmen Federation, pointed out that the support convoy is the second one to be staged by the Federation, noting that the first convoy went to West Darfur and the third one will go to South Darfur. Dr. Al-Jaz hailed the Sudanese Businessmen Federation for the support, which reflects renunciation of war and dispute, calling on the arms holders in Darfur to resort to peace. The occasion was also addressed by the Commissioner of Humanitarian Aid, Hassabo Mohamed Abdel-Rahman, who pointed out that the convoy would boost the voluntary return, which constitutes the basic solution for Darfur issue. He added that the Sudanese Businessmen Federation had pledged to build three model villages for the returnees, one in each state of the three states of Darfur. Deputy Chairman of the Sudanese Businessmen Federation Nur-Eddin Saeed, on his part, affirmed stand of the federation beside the people of Darfur, saying that the federation has a plan to establish schools and hospitals in Darfur. BT/BT

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