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Sudan and Chad to Re-Exchange Ambassadors in First Week of Next November
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Oct 27, 2008 - 11:57:34 AM

Sudan and Chad to Re-Exchange Ambassadors in First Week of Next November


Khartoum, Oct. 27 (SUNA) - Sudan and Chad would re-exchange ambassadors during November 7 - 10 prior to normalization of the bilateral relations which witnessed a tension following the aggression of the Justice and Equality Movement on Omdurman on May 10, said the Foreign Minister, Deng Alor, in a statement to the press after giving an address at the National Assembly. He said that a meeting of concerned technicians and military men would be held in N'djamena during November 12 - 14 to conduct preparations for normalizing the Sudanese - Chadian Relations. In his statement Monday before the National Assembly Monday, the Foreign Minister said that Darfur issue and the subsequent move of the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), represented a focus for the external activity of the government through a number of axes that included the formation of the African Union mission, adoption of the tripartite formula of cooperation between the government, the United Nations and the African Union, in addition to the African role to contain the allegations of the ICC prosecutor. Concerning the confrontation to the claims of the ICC prosecutor, the Foreign Minister said that Sudan has preferred adoption of an immediate pre-emptive plan and gained extensive international support and understanding to its rejection of the ICC move. Within its plan to confront the ICC prosecutor's allegation, the minister said that Sudan dispatched presidential envoys to a number of countries and exerted efforts within the Arab League, the African Peace and Security Council, the Security Council, the 63rd session of the UN General Assembly in New York that called for stoppage of the ICC procedure to pave the way for the peace process in Sudan, the Non-Aligned Movement, the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) which decided to sponsor an international conference for rehabilitation of Darfur next year. On the Sudanese - American relations, Alor said that these relations remained stagnant, excluding activity in the field of relief and humanitarian aid, adding that the rounds of dialogue, which took place in Washington and Rome at the level of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, are still procedural. He said that the issue of Sudanese - American relations might require waiting until appearance of the result of the American elections in next November. At the European level, the Foreign Minister said that the Sudanese - European relations are progressing slowly for reform and normalization for the common interest. He indicated that he visited Britain, France, the Netherlands and Norway toward normalization of Sudan relations with these countries, boosting the cooperation for solution of Darfur issue and dealing with the ICC prosecutor's move. The Foreign Minister said that Sudan is looking forward for positive stances of the European Union and stable relations between Sudan and the European Union under the principles of respect of the nations' sovereignty and non-intervention in the internal affairs. He said that Sudan is hopeful that the European Union will fulfill its commitments which were declared at the Donors Conference in Oslo, explaining that the European party has fulfilled only 18% of its commitments. The minister referred in his address to Sudan efforts to consolidate its relations with the Asian, African, Arab and Latin American countries, and reviewed the efforts to open new embassies in a number of countries and to upgrade the diplomatic representation with other states. He also tackled the government efforts in the field of humanitarian aid, and affirmed Sudan commitment to live up to its pledge on issues of human rights. MO/MO

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