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Sudan: UN Secretary-General Issues Report on Unamid
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Dec 18, 2008 - 3:07:30 PM

Sudan: UN Secretary-General Issues Report on Unamid

18 December 2008

Almost one year after the transfer of authority from the African Union force to the AU-UN operation, UNAMID, the joint operation, continues to face enormous challenges, the Secretary-General says in his latest report to the Security Council on the mission's deployment.

He says violence and displacement continue, humanitarian operations are at risk, clashes between the parties occur with regrettable regularity and the parties have not yet reached a negotiated peace agreement.

He also reiterates his appeal to those that are in a position to provide mission-critical capabilities to do so without delay, and he noted that pledges for a multi-role logistics unit, a medium transport unit, a heavy transport unit, an aerial reconnaissance unit, light tactical helicopters, and 18 medium-utility helicopters are all still outstanding.

The fighting in Darfur continues, innocent civilians still suffer, UNAMID and humanitarian personnel are under threat, and the parties have failed to seriously pursue a political solution.

The Secretary-General says he cannot overemphasize the need for the parties to demonstrate their commitment to a peaceful settlement of the Darfur conflict by undertaking concrete actions to reduce violence and ease human suffering. Ultimately, peace cannot be imposed. Both the Government of Sudan and the armed rebel movements must come to the realization that violence will not achieve the objectives they seek and that the crisis in Darfur can be resolved only through political negotiations and a comprehensive and inclusive peace agreement.

The Security Council is scheduled to discuss this report tomorrow.

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