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Sudan Embassy in Nairobi issues press release on the recommendations of the Forum of the People of Sudan
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Nov 14, 2008 - 6:16:05 AM

Sudan Embassy in Nairobi issues press release on the recommendations of the Forum of the People of Sudan


Nairobi, Nov. 13 (SUNA)- Sudan Embassy in Nairobi issued Thursday a press release on the recommendations of the National Forum of the People of Sudan for Solving Darfur Problem and the decrees issued by the President of the Republic in his address to the concluding session of the forum, including declaration of cease-fire. Following SUNA publishes the text of the press release:- "On November 12th, 2008 the President of the Sudan H.E. Omer Hassan Ahmed El Bashir received the report of the Sudan People's Initiative Forum in which most of the country's political parties participated (33 parties). The Forum studied the different aspects of Darfur problem and issued its final report containing some recommendations on the way forward. Upon receiving the Forum's report, the President announced that the Government will consider implementing its recommendations. He immediately declared unilateral ceasefire in Darfur and other measures that may help in solving the problem. These measures include among others, the provision of basic services at the repatriation areas of IDPs and refugees, the rehabilitation of major agricultural schemes in Darfur, connecting Darfur with the national power grid, completing the Western Ingaz highway that links Darfur with Khartoum, and accepting the principle of compensating the IDPs and refugees. The measures also include prosecuting perpetrators of violence, encouragement of reconciliation among the different communities in Darfur and disarmament of militias. The main rebel movements namely Justice and Equality Movement (JEM), Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM), unity Faction, and SLM - Abdulwahd M. Nour's faction rejected the declaration of ceasefire. This attitude, which is a continuation of the irresponsible and stubborn stances of the rebel movements, comes as a direct result of the leniency of the international community towards these movements. The ball now is at the court of the international community, which is requested to encourage and when necessary pressure the rebel movements to reciprocate the measures announced by the Government and to immediately ceasefire. The ceasefire is the first step in preparing the atmosphere for the peace negotiation under the Afro-Arab initiative led by Qatar. Negotiation is the only way to peace making and the Government is fully committed to and ready for the negotiations." BT/BT

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