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Sudan Doctors Union sends medical convey to Gaza
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Jan 2, 2009 - 2:57:21 AM

Sudan Doctors Union sends medical convey to Gaza


Khartoum, Jan. 1 (SUNA) - A medical relief-convey containing emergency and life-saving medicines at the cost of 270 million Sudanese pounds and including number of Sudanese surgeons, anesthesia specialists and medical assistants left the premises of Sudan Doctor's Union (SDU) Thursday on its way to Gaza. Addressing the departing medical Convey, Dean of Sudanese Doctors, Dr. Abdul Aziem Kablo, said the SDU would be on continuous session in order to prepare for successive medical conveys in support of the people of Palestine in Gaza Sector, calling on the members of the SDU to send urgent contributions and support to the central chamber at the premises of the Union. He explained that other medical conveys will be sent to Gaza in the coming days, adding that the current convey comes at the initiative of the Sudan Doctors Union in collaboration with the Arab Doctors Union. Meanwhile, Dean of the Sudanese Bar Union, Fathi Khalil, who also is the chairperson of the Sudanese Popular Campaign in support of the people of Gaza, addressed the event and said what is happing in Gaza by all means is contrary to the International Law and all the human values, commending the sending of medical conveys to Gaza by the Sudan Doctors Union. Khalil further criticized the stances of the Security Council and some Western countries toward the Israeli aggressions on Gaza. MF/ MF

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